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Sunday, 22 October 2006




Interesting choice. I've never stopped in to eat at this place, but now you make me curious. I do hope you went and had a nice dinner at Mama's. It's one place, besides Gerard's, that I always visit when on Maui.

Brother of Cathy

Welcome back!

Sorry to hear about the car break-in in Hawaii. I have never had a bad experience on a vacation other than my wife losing her fanny pack loaded with all of our cash and credit cards and car keys on the Desperado roller coaster at Buffalo Bill's in Primm, Nevada.
Fortunately, an honest person turned it in to security and we got it back within twenty minutes with everything intact!

Brother of Cathy, your fill-in blogger.


Hi Kirk! We had heard good things about HOAD, but never got a chance to make it there so I was glad to see your write up. Looks like food my family would have loved to take back to the condo! BTW, I like the acronym "HOAD" time we're in Maui, I prolly won't even call it by its full name, I'll just call it "Hoad" as in "Hey, let's go eat at Hoad." LOL!


Glad you're back safe...Hope you made the most of it despite the first day...



Hey Kirk,

Those plate lunched look delish.

Why are things in Hawaii so expensive. I've never been, but the prices sound insane. Cat and I were considering it for our honeymoon, but I struck it off the list after crunching the numbers.

- Chubbypanda


Kirk, you are correct. HOAD is a busy little place with,in my opinion, "good value" considering how expensive food items et al are in Maui. I was in Kahana in April and sampled 4 entree's at HOAD's with my favorite being the "Mahi Mahi Lemon Caper". My best meals came out of our condo at the Kahana Sunset. I'm looking forward to my next trip to the islands.


Hi Reid - Reasonably priced places are at a minimum on West Maui. We didn't hit Mama's, but enjoyed a nice meal close by, and ate in our condo most of the time.

Hi BoC - Your Sister sure did a great job, helping me out here. That's quite a story, just goes to show that weshouldn't lose faith in people just yet....

Hi Pam - Yes, it was pretty good...though quite a ways from where you were. We never made it to Kihei, but there are a few good places there!

Hi Nhbilly - We did enjoy ourselves.....made the most of the situation.

Hi CP - Things aren't expensive everywhere on Maui, well, with a caviat....Maui is the most expensive Island(save Lanai). On most islands, I'm able to eat like a local, well....because that's pretty much what I was/am. It was very hard to do this on West Maui.

Hi Jon - In context, you're right. I do still balk at $13.95 for a plate lunch, though. Maui sure has changed since I last had a real visit.


I go here everytime we visit Maui. Compared to anything else on the West side (or South side as well) it's actually relatively inexpensive. I get tired of the expensive places in Wailea as well as the tourist spots in Lahina. Did you happen to eat at the General Store? I do that too when I am in the area. Nothing like having spam, eggs and rice in the middle of the Kapalua resort!


Hey Jack - Guess what's coming up a little surprise!


Well, I guess I shouldn't say I'm surprised that everything held up to your high standards. But did you guys eat all that in one sitting?!


Hi Elmo - After not eating...and stress we finished almost everything....except the rice, which we saved to eat with poke.

Connie Walters

We have a condo in Lokelani close to HOAD. Favorites are mahi mahi lemon caper, teriyka steak and the korean bbq chicken was moist all were delicious. Check out
We have eaten many meals from HOAD on our lani watching a great sunset. SUNSET CENTRAL


FYI - We have recently received information from a patron of Okazuya that the Chicken Katsu was over cooked and not very good.


The one how cook very funny, i think he scared of that time coz maybe all kitchen will burn.

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