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Sunday, 29 October 2006



did you have to make a reservation for this?



You can't show me things like that. Do you have any idea what it does to me? What it does to my diet? And yet... I love it. Gods help me, I love it.

- Chubbypanda


Thank you so much Kirk, for showing there are no rules regarding buffets...take all of what you like and leave the rest. I would have done exactly the same with the smoked salmon...

{The rice on the dessert plate looks eerily similar to mine, except mine has mashed potatoes...}


Hey Kirk,

I warned you to keep the Missus away from all chocolate fountains! You do remember the last fountain she sabotaged; I think she was banded from the Le Fontainebleau that dark day.

And she just had to get the bone! She is the only one I know that leaves a buffet brunch with a doggy bag. Pretty women get away with murder; don’t they?

I spent my extra hour (and then some) at the Shore’s brunch; which was quite tasty.


That lox does look excellent ... though I have to say, as a nice Jewish girl from New York, that the bagel looks pretty darned sad. But you guys already know the solution for that: forget the bagel and just eat lots o' lox! :-D


Hi Clayfu - I'd recommend reservations unless you plan to get there at 10 when they start, which is not a bad idea.

Hi CP - Sumimasen CP-san, please forgive this intrusion on your diet. But what the heck are you doin' checking out a food blog if you're on a diet, that's torture! LOL!

Hi Cathy - Well all you can...means as much as you can, any way you can.....doesn't it? ;o)

Hi Jim - Yes, like flies to a flame... It always amazes me,what She can pull off!

Hi mizducky - The Missus had it right...1/2lb of smoked salmon on half a mini bagel!


in case anyone wants to go here.

today was their last sunday brunch indefinitely.

they are combining the two restaurants and they dont know if they are coming out with it again


Hi Clayfu - Wow, that's news to me! They were doing some major bang-up business when we were there last Sunday.


I guess I just don’t understand the restaurant business at all! This brunch was my personal favorite and the Doubletree was my wife’s favorite (gone away as well). Another one I liked quite a bit was Loew’s; but they cut back to a breakfast buffet only…no more fish or lunch items. The horror of it all!


Hi Jim - Since you're the expert on this...I guess it's true. Bummer, we really enjoyed this buffet, and it was always busy.

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