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Monday, 02 October 2006



Hmm, cheezy enchilada and burrito... I think I'll head down to our local Salsa Fresca restaurant for my lunch tomorrow. ;) Makin' me hungry!


I'll pass on the shrimp, and wait for your local lobster.


Hi Jean-Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice lunch.

Hi Ron-It was just a "what I ate today" type post..and the shrimp were good.


"just in case". that made me laugh. as if your salvation or damnation is dependent on not eating a certain food on a certain day of the week... but sometimes it's hard to let go of those things...

your shrimp salad on croissant looks terrific.

Captain Jack

Hey Cathy,
Bug season is here at last. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for that.


Thanks, dave. Its so easy to make and the simplicity makes the flavor of the shrimp come out...then a fresh croissant helps with everything....

Hi CJ- Haven't heard them called "bugs" in forever...and, as an aside, I have always wondered about that first person who grabbed a lobster and decided to cook it- what were they thinking??...I mean the hard shell...the claws..ooh-lets see what this tastes like!


Oh Man! Enchilada's AND eggs?! That has my name written all over it :) Reminds me of a Mexican take on Hawaii's local moco. :)Now if only I could find a place in Claremont that offers good al pastor...

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