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Tuesday, 03 October 2006



Ichiban is located in PB(same owner as niban).

There is another Ichiban located in Hillcrest, different owners by the way(I use to work there). My friend's dad owns the Ichiban in Hillcrest and also Surfside in PB if you've ever eaten there.

The owner of Niban and my friend's dad use to be business partners, but something happened. I guess that's why there are 2 Ichiban. Wow such rivalry! Support Surfside and Ichiban Hillcrest by the way!


Ichiban means number 1, and niban means #2. Niban and Ichiban are great places to eat when you're on a limited budget in college, but the food quality and cleanliness is definately severely debatable.


Hi Nguyen-Thanks for letting me know. I am in PB every Saturday ( and always need a good reason for 'doing research', as Kirk and I like to call it. {Love your site, BTW}

Hi Victoria- I do have a friend who is a retired food inspector for Food and Drug and kind of know what to look for in terms of cleanliness. I don't go into any "B" or "C" rated places and always check for that "A" rating. Niban has always had one. I don't think any of the food there is bad, just none is particularly outstanding. Thanks for dropping by.

Joseph E

Captain Jack reviewed Surfside recently:

Surfside is definitely a cut above Ichiban (Hillcrest).

However, sometimes you just want pretty good sushi, quick and on the cheap. Ichiban and Niban are good for that.


Ah, good 'ole Niban. I love that place. Great sushi, good prices. I usually get the soft-shell crab, rainbow, and caterpillar rolls.


Dear cathy, i think you are doing a wonderful job so far. i like to go to niban because the prices are nice, and the food is good. i always end up getting whatever the chicken special is of the day, and i like all of them. i am a college student and am quite hungry throughout the day, so i always like to read this website and check it frequently, so thanks to kirk as well...this site is one of my favorites!


Ahh...Niban. Always a great default when on a budget and can't decide where to go. Like the review!


Hi Joseph- I know I still have to get to Surfside when there is some sort of parking nearby. Football Saturdays don't seem to be the right time.

Denver- thanks for the rec's. We have had the soft shell crab roll and it is very good. Pretty much anything fried is good, you know...

Hi sawyer-Oh, the Mister and I met in college and so we are pretty much used to going out together on that kind of budget. Its kind of a game we play, to find good quality food without paying someone else's rent. Remember, its not how much money you make, its how you spend-and save- it.

Oh, Liz, thank you for such kind words. Blogging is not as easy as it looks...or as Kirk makes it look.

Captain Jack

Hi Cathy,

Wow, the photographs are great! In case anyone does not know, click on the thumbnails to see the dishes in fantastic detail. I can almost taste them. Good work, and please keep it up :)


you know the really tasty hot sauce that comes with the calamari? (in in the picture)does anyone know how to make it cus id really like to have some at home with sushi and other things


i also would like to know how to make that red, spicy sauce that comes with the calamari, if anyone knows, plese tell me, thanks!


They buy it in a gallon jar, kevin...but my duplication is with Kewpie and Sriracha. It is close and has the heat I want.

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