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Friday, 06 October 2006



Did you know that the cheaper fish and chip places used shark instead of either pollock or cod? I tried it a couple of years ago with a few pieces of the local shark (soaked in milk first to slow the urea deterioration). The result tasted just like the fish and chips I had as a kid.


I'm planning to find some of that Four Monks brand malt vinegar that the restaurant uses for their own condiment.

Unless, you know of other worthy malt vinegars brands (hint).


Hi Ed....hmmmm....Never even thought about shark. Then again, growing up in Detroit would preclude that from being a fresh fish....our local was pickerel/ walleye. I have had a beer battered salmon (at Rock Bottom) and it was good...different too, but never shark. Yay! That was my "learn something new" for today!

Ron- The only other malt vinegar I have tried is Heinz, I think. But now, I have a quest....thanks.


hey cathy!

great job!!! you are not doing a Niban job by any means...

fish and chips is one of those foods that is hard to mess up, but its also hard to recall any real exceptional ones either... ya know?? well i can't at least...

go Cathy!


Hi DCCF- Fried anything is pretty darn good, in my opinion, as long as its freshly fried, anyhow...

The fried seafood items at Boston and Maine, upstairs at Horton Plaza, are exceptional- its the only place we can get belly clams on this coast-

Thanks for the kind words. The Mister and I will be at your movie next Friday the 13th! (


Cool! Can't wait to meet everyone!! Count all the food references in the movie... might be a record eh!


there was a tugboat fish and chips place next to surfside sushi in PB for a brief couple of months. the last time i drove past it had morphed into something else.


dave- and chips next to sushi...easy for delivery people...must have gone out of business because of health nuts...

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