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Wednesday, 11 October 2006



Great post. I typed this place into Chowhound, and it is mentioned in many threads as a very quintessential SD establishment. I can't wait to go!


I never had pea soup (split pea) until I was on the mainland U.S., and often the soup was all I could afford for lunch. Still probably more than people ate the entire day during the dust bowl. Can't say I like it. But pea soup is hearty. I might even have myself a bowl of pea soup today.


Hi Ted...Its not fancy, that is for sure...but it is familiar...

Ron-Pea soup is so good...and I always make some after the holidays using the leftovers from a great ham I buy-meat from the side of the road- now that is a story....


This is just like the La Palma Chicken Pie Shop in Anaheim. Been there for ages. The waitresses are the same people who worked there from the beginning. I guess every county needs one of these types of joints!


$5.50?! i swear it was $4.75 just a couple months ago...

i crave chicken pie shop every once in awhile, but then i think about how kinda gross i feel after eating it and i don't go. 1 out of 10 times that i get the urge i make it there. my wife ordered the chicken fried steak once. it was like a big old chick mcnugget. not recommended.


Good Lord, the gravy is oozing all over, Yummmmmmm. Boy do I really need to swing by La Palma Chicken Pie Shop since San Diego is SOooO far. ;-) Menu looks so simple, perfect.


I remember when the CPS was located at 5th and Robinson, where the Starbucks is now. (Next to L & L). I have never eaten a CPS, always opting to "take out." I'm always impressed by the cross section of clientele.


I've eaten there a couple of times and thought the food was good. And for families on a budget...the place is great!


Hi Elmo...its not even a IS the old fashioned diner that never got ATM or credit cards or checks...still.

Ah, dave, you haven't gone in a was $5.15 at the end of last year....oh yes, the chicken fried chicken...the menu does say it is breast meat...but they don't do fried very well here...again, not over quality...but farily decent food...I do crave the pie, dinner roll, coleslaw and dessert....

Hello nhbilly....yes its a simple menu...not all outstanding...shortcuts taken...but it is satisfying...

Toisan you are right. That was the location I went to with my dad in 1988. I do think there was another one before that though...and the take out is can get the pies cooked or frozen...and you can get a quart of soup for $4.95...but those rolls...I can eat those all
day and night.

Hello Brunchmaster! is good food...not great, not over quality or high end...but it is always fresh and proudly served...and it just feels like home.


you mention the speed of the delivery of the food. last time i was there i actually timed it.

90 seconds between placing the order and receiving my meal. no joke.

Andy 食神

wow... that sounds sooooooooo good. it's so much food for so little money... how do they stay open?


Ooooh, rhubarb pie, they hardly EVER have rhubarb pie at the Chicken Pie Shop. LUCKY!


Hi again dave....I knew I was supposed to use the stopwatch option of my mobile for something....

Andy...its been around since 1938 and hasn't bothered to "modernize" or follow the Pencil Pushers' recommendations of 'how to run an efficient business'...therefore, it works...old fashioned recipes, shortcuts and *no* fancy schmancy stuff.
Actually, I have noticed the more modern gadgets we have that are supposed to make our lives easier, the more complex it becomes...have a power outage- go find those booklets for each appliance/toy in the house to reset the clocks...and we won't talk about Daylight Savings Time...I do know that I have gotten to the point where I just have to do math in my head for half a year rather than change the clock in the car....

Welcome norom...oooh we are lucky! Time to go buy a Lotto ticket!


I love this place. Whenever, there is an inkling for pot pie this is the place to go.
Also, when it gets a bit colder around here, nothing like the Pie Dinner to sit down and eat to.

Thanks, Cathy. And you are doing great filling in for Kirk. I'm curious to try the recipes you've posted.


Thank you for the kind words, Didi. I love this place, especially the coconut cream pie...

I can give you all kinds of simple, good recipes...I just did a couple of basics for now...In the photo of the oven pancake...that brown stuff is the burned butter....

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