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Monday, 09 October 2006



I've been enjoying your posts this week. You're doing a bang-up job filling in for Kirk. I just had to comment finally on what you said about calamari being "first date" food. That rang a bell with me. I didn't realize I was the only one who thought so. But it makes me wonder now more than ever why this is!


how about this riddle: Since Columbus didn't set sail from a port in Italy for the new world or ever returned to Italy, why celebrate Columbus day with Italiano food?


Thanks elmo, I like your site. I know I had read or heard about calamari for a first date...but now cannot recall why... and it wasn't for me and the Mister, then again...difficult to find calamari in Michigan, back when we started dating...but Italian and all, makes sense for a first date I think...easy, unformal and all that.

Ron...making me have to think, eh? Columbus, if he was a person, was Italian and all Italian-Americans embrace him as one of their that's reason enough for me...forget that Spain to Bahamas part of it all.... AND if I can "be a little bit Irish" on March 17, then I can "be a little bit Italian" on October 12 - or the second Monday of October, whatever the new rules are....gosh I hate change!

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