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Sunday, 08 October 2006


Joseph E

Thanks, I've wanted to hear more about this place for quite a while.

I could be wrong, but I think Carnitas Urapan and other good places cook the pork shoulder by low-temperature deep-frying in lard. The big hunk of pork should get deliciously tender on the inside after a couple hours, with a crispy outside from the molten lard.

However, many places first simmer the meat in broth and then finish it by quickly frying with a little oil or lard, or even by baking in an oven. I tend to think that this product has an inferior flavor, and I believe it is not the traditional form. Unfortunately, most taco shops and the big fast-food chains do it that way.


Hey Cathy,

Thanks for shining a light on a Mexican restaurant. It looks very tasty!!!


Is my comment getting posted now. Didn't on your last post, and I ain't the type to re-post....nope. That said:

"If you have paid attention, the name of the place is CARNITAS Urapan. Get the carnitas."

as much of a Grant's Tomb riddle that is, it's an excellent point to make. Readers tend to miss those finer points in a post (not me, of course) :>


I wish you could review some places here in OC too ;-)
Especially Santa Ana.

BTW that's a heck of a deal for 2 people, IMO.



Hi Joseph- You are correct and Carnitas Urapan does it the correct way. The place has no atomsphere, plastic plates and great food, which is my only requirement...

Ted-I did it because *you* made me have to think. We do go here often and for many years and its just an assumed good place.

RonW-Thanks for noticing...I have tried to do something subtle in each post...and have been unsure if anyone got my little tidbits.

nhbilly-The Mister and I do hit holes in the wall in OC and places north...but mostly closer to Thanksgiving/Christmas and New Years, when we decorate floats for the Rose Parade ( didn't know Kirk would ask me to be his "temp" this summer, or would have been carrying the camera. If we do happen to do a road trip before Kirk comes back from his vacation, you will know.

Captain Jack

Wow Cathy,

That carnitas platter looks great.


Its that 100% natural lard they fry it in, know me and all natural foods...always eating healthy.... :)


The correct name is Carnitas Uruapan.

I am glad they do it the right way by frying in lard first. I will give it a try.


Thanks Lori. It didn't look right to me, either...I changed it. You will enjoy the food.


i haven't been to c.u. in ages. i too used to go to their original location in spring valley before cal trans put in the freeway. i remember the owner telling us that they modeled their restaurant after her husband's uncle's restaurant in T.J., where they prepared the carnitas in large copper pans. another hole-in-the-wall carnitas place is on university, btwn 36th and cherokee.


Hi toisan-I have heard of the TJ story...and oh, the old a/c, sometimes bad lighting...and still the same flavor and the same crowds...I will check out the one on University...somehow have missed it..thanks!


Forget the lime and forget the oven, carnitas are made only adding salt, that receipe is maybe from the mos simple ones, other guys add milk, some others add "nitro salt".

First when the lard is nice hot enough, the pigskin is poured into it to make the "cueritos" , then when they are ready it's time for the big chunks of pork.

My dad says a nice plate (or taco) of carnitas is best served with freshly made corn tortillas, jalapeño chiles and a cold coca-cola, after all that fat from the carnitas a nice melter like the coke. :D


Hi Odisea-you are right about the simplest way is usually the best. Oh and the thought of a Coke melting the fat...I understand that!. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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