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Tuesday, 10 October 2006


April Ordonez

Is that the Daphne's over in Mira Mesa?!
I prefer Greek Bites over at the Sorrento Valley shopping area (by KFC and Burger King).
Spanakopita rocks! They get that tsatsiki sauce JUST RIGHT :)


Hi April- The one thing I have noticed about Daphne's is that all the locations are consistent in flavors, kind of like McDonalds. It is good Greek style food. (the Mister has had occasion to be in Greece, and nothing matches the Real Thing) I will have to try Greek Bites in Sorrento next time I am up there.


I got to say that when I saw "Daphnes" in the title, I cringed. Having grown up with Greek parents and having been to Greece several times, I got to say that it's not authentic. A gyro in Greece is a million times better. Tzatsiki also shouldn't have dill. Period.


My Greek cousins from OH came to town, and they saw Daphnes and wanted to try it. I tasted the chicken souvlaki, and I got to say, it was REALLY good and tasty. Is it authentic Greek? No, not even close. Does it taste good? Absolutely. So I think that people should go there as long as they know what they are getting. Ok my rant is done.


the co-founders of "Six Apart" (parent of TypePad, Movable Type, Live journal, ect.) had birthdays "six days apart" from each other. Just chewing the fat....not meaning to wander off the topic of your post :>


Hi Ted- Yes, I thought about it...and maybe I should have called it "Greek Style" food... George Katakalidis does try to keep the restaurants and foods to a certain standard (he walked into the Santee store when the Mister and I were having our lunch the other day, checking out the back of the store, then coming out front and speaking to those of us eating for a moment) as well as maintaining the consistency...which is not easy to do with certain types of food. It is good "food" and if you think of it that way, you won't be disappointed...but I do know it isn't "Greek" per se...

Ron...There was the new thing I learned for today...and its early! Thanks...I am trying to make a 'complete picture' with each of my to the reasoning why I thought it would be interesting to eat at a place, or why I went Kirk does...not just a formal 'here is this place, go' the coupon thing, being a reason, worked out... {P.S. the Mister is only 7 days older, yet more than a foot taller than is so unfair...}


If you are in the area try Luna Grill for pretty good Greek food:

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