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Wednesday, 18 October 2006



Hey Cathy,

I didn't even realize how quick those few weeks went! Great job on showing us some really great restaurants that I have added to my list. Can't wait to also start stopping at random places for good chow!

Thanks again,



You did a great job Cathy! Thanks!


Cathy, you really did an awesome job! I lurked more than I commented but I absolutely enjoyed all the input you shared with us.



Excellent job! You made me want to try out a couple of new places, which I will soon.

In fact, ever since I found this blog a couple of months ago, I've already tried about 5 new places. kudos!


Hi Cathy - I can't begin to thank you enough for doing'll have my eternal appreciation!



Thanks for sharing your eating adventures with us!


Thanks again, Cathy! Now I know where to stop in next time I'm heading up to the Santee Drive-In!


Hi Ted- I am happy to have helped a bit. Thanks for all the input. If you are wary of any new place, just order one basic thing...whatever the name of the place is is a good start...or just an appetizer or two, or just can always order more...there are no rules! I love being an adult...

Oh Mina, so nice to hear. weren't the only lurker...I was checking stats daily and apparently *far* more people look than comment...Thanks for the kind words.

Denver- Glad to help. Between Kirk and I, you should be able to find something, somewhere when you are driving about, or when you are just hungry....

Anytime, Kirk :)

You are so kind, Birdie....and it was fun to share...

Trent...and remember Mary's Donuts is right around the corner on Mission Gorge west of Fanita...24/7....


Yes indeed Cathy, good job!

I intend to call you when I go on vacation so you can report on a couple of brunches for me!



I really enjoyed reading your food posts while Kirk was gone. It's great to see your enthusiasm for unique and tasty food, and it's good to hear that you and your Mister are out and about eating well.

Best of luck as you continue your private food journey, but I do hope that you write about it some more, somewhere.

-cuong, a food blog lurker


Thanks, Cathy, for a great job, as well as for giving Kirk some well-deserved time off! :-)

P.S. I like all your advice on sussing out interesting new hole-in-the-wall joints ... except that whenever a waiter/counter guy starts giving me the "you no like" line, it makes me want to get that item even more! :-D


thanks Cathy!!!!!

welcome back Kirk!!!!


Hey,Jim...most of my jobs seem to be seasonal/temporary/part time in nature, so why shouldn't my blogging be the same? :)

Cuong- You'll probably be hearing some more from me...and I lurk, too.

You have it right, MizD- It is fun to explore new places and its fun to try things we aren't "supposed to"...gosh I love being an adult.

You're welcome nhb!



Great job this past couple of weeks. I didn't comment at all because I had a hard time keeping up with all of your posts! You definitely should think about keeping a blog of your own. Looks like you're a natural.


my compliments to the chef as well, so to speak.


you did a great job filling in for kirk and i enjoyed your reviews!

i agree with you about "you no want that". when i went to buga earlier this year, i asked about 'noble noodles' out of curiosity. it was listed as $5.95. i wasn't planning to order it, but i wanted to know what it was since there was no description.

the waitress had a look of shock (or was it disgust) on her face and said, "Ohhhhh's not don't want to order that". When I asked why, she said it was for "Americans" only (i think she meant Caucasian people)and that I should order something else! maybe she assumed that since i looked Asian (I'm Filipino American) that i shouldn't settle for such swill as 'noble noodles'. i'll never know since i don't plan to eat it!

sorry long story, but i do agree with you. it's kind of funny that those foods that 'you no want' would be on their menu in the first place!


Thanks Jack...I am thinking about it but not sure if everyone (especially my physician) would want to see all the foods I eat...I do cook at home-a lot, actually..gathered up the info for these posts for a few weeks before I started. Thanks for the compliments. Stay tuned.

You are such a sweetie, Ron. Glad you did OK with the power outage and earth movement and all that fun stuff.

Ah, Reynila...interesting that you got an opposite "you no want that" than us...we are both blondes and so automatically (at some places) get the forks brought out to the table... get told to order something else...warned that the coffee is strong flavored, etc.(That Vietnamese drip made with sweetened condensed milk) ... Thanks for the compliments...and order whatever you would like...again, there are no rules!

Joseph E

Thanks Cathy! I was impressed by your grueling update schedule; you must have been busy these last few weeks. I appreciated all the good reviews. Perhaps you could start up your own blog.


Joseph- Thanks for your kind was a fun creative writing exercise daily and easy since I was talking about food. We will see what the future brings. I am flattered about how many people, including you, liked what I did.


Hey Cathy,

Just chiming in to the general chorus of "good jobs". We're gonna miss you.


- Chubbypanda

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