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Monday, 16 October 2006


Alice Q. Foodie

This sounds a LOT like the Beef n Bun over on Fletcher Parkway - especially the part about the shakes - they do a really good Peanut Butter one too. Since I live about halfway in between these two places, I guess I better try them both! :-)


Ah, Two different places, Alice. The kabob for one, bacon second and having the banana shake rounding it out makes Charley's better in my book. The hamburger meat at Charley's cannot compare to BNB- totally different flavor and texture. It is called Charley's Famous Hamburgers for a reason....I was going to do a post on Beef n Bun, but Kirk is only on vacation for so long...I will say you cannot beat the zucchini sticks at BNB, though.


Hi Cathy, how are you doing? :-)

I would love to taste that Kabob (btw, what does kabob mean?) ...I think I'll also try radish slices on my burgers next time I make 'em.


Hi Thess- I am still having fun sharing my food likes with everyone. Kabobs are almost universally described as ground beef marinated overnight in Mediterranean spices. I know one of the spices is cumin and that garlic is NOT one of the spices. It isn't peppery, either. The spices are similar to those used in gyros and souvlaki. The beef is rolled thin and flat into oblong patties. I have seen kabobs stored/refrigerated on skewers. I will work on the spice mix and see if I can be of more help. I love radishes; grow some in my garden every year, and they do go well with this flavor combination.


oh my gad charleys famous hamburger is the best


charleys famous hamburger is the best fast food i ever eat in my life " i love it " it is so soso good i love to go there all the time .


you should try a mini-breakfast special . you get 4 slices of thick tasty bacon with an egg , cheese , mayo , on a sesame seed bun . but to make it special you must add lettuce , tomoato , and a little mustard . it is a very tasty treat .


you should try the number "1" combo "triple bacon cheeseburger" it comes with 3 patties sfresh meat and 4 slices of bacon and cheese with lettuce , tomato , onions and secret sauce . i love it


Hi, richard, joy and verycute-yes, Charley's has great food and I have tried the combos there also: great deals. The fries are not that great to me, though. The mini breakfast is good too. I didn't think of adding lettuce for breakfast, but will try it. I do like the breakfast pita best. Since all of you are writing from the same IP address and know each other, I bet I've met you at Charley's sometime...


charleys mmmmm it is the best fast food I ever had. It tast just like IN N out. you should try it. mmmm I wish there open now i would go 11:53pm. TOO BAD

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