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Tuesday, 12 September 2006



Back in the day, Yoshino's was happening. Lines out the door was the norm. I think it was because Yoshino's was one of the first "old-school" casual Japanese places in town, or at least in uptown. I haven't been here in awhile but remember it like you described, a mom and pop place like back home in your local 'hood.


Hi Kirk -- do you know if they have any "curry" dishes ?


Hi Jack - Where would we be without these Mom and Pop restaurants......

Hi RJ - I didn't see any Curry on the Lunch Menu - how's that for "Old-School" Japanese? I haven't been there for dinner, though.


Hi Kirk
I've noticed that most Japanese restaurants are closed Mondays. Is there a reason for that?


Hi Reynila - I've always taken that for granted, and never really asked why......probably because it's the slowest day of the week?


Is this the place where the parking lot is funky? I seem to recall double-parking. And being annoyed at having to move my car half-way through my meal.

Those dishes look really disappointing!


Non-crunchy tempura is no good! If fried foods are not crunchy, then I'm not sure why it's even fried in the first place (unless it's chinese food... flash frying is great!). Hope you find a better family run Japanese restaurant soon!


Hey Kirk,

You know, I've always felt there was too much snobbery amongst foodies towards adapted cuisine restaurants. By adapted cuisine, I mean ethnic restaurants that have altered their menus to fit the tastes of their host countries. Foodies sneer at these places as not being "authentic", but Chowhounds know good food can be found anywhere, whether or not it's been prepared to some food snobs rigid standards of culinary purity. After all, where would a
large portion of Hawaiian cuisine be without the adaptations to their cuisine made by Japanese and Korean immigrants?

Thanks for blogging this restaurant. I like reading your thoughts about food, wherever you come across it.

- CP


Hi 26chickys - It's on Washington just East of the 5 freeway. The parking lot gets full really fast - I don't know if they double park cars or not. The food is really not that bad, it's not great, but not bad.

Hi Janice - Well if you check out some of the bentos at Nijiya and Mitsuwa, or any of the Okazuyas in Hawaii you'll see Tempura that's been sitting for a while, and it's really not that bad. But you don't expect that at a restaurant. The sesame chicken is pretty good, the prices aren't bad, and the service is quite nice. Still I'll stay away from the Teriyaki.....

Hi CP - I hear you loud and clear. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but I almost never use the word authentic...unless it's in the name of the restaurant. Diaspora has resulted in many great tasting, and creative dishes. The main things are, does it taste good, are you getting a decent value for your money, how's the service, is the food prepared adequately, etc, etc, etc.....


Hi Kirk,
So glad you made it back to Yoshinos. I usually order the sesame chicken, tempura combo.
If you bo back to L.A., try Thai Original BBQ. Good beef sate, thai style BBQ chicken (kaiyang) --so moist. Website is They have several locations, but I've only eaten at the Ardmore location.


Hi Claudine - Thanks for the recommendation! That Sesame Chicken is the best item I had there.....


One of the first places I took a date to right out of high school in the early 80's.

It was awesome and you expected to wait to get in, but it was well worth it.

Thanks for the memory - the date's name - Karen.


Hi Terry - Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of our humble little blog!

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