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Thursday, 21 September 2006



Hey Kirk,

Sounds like a fairly sub-par experience. For all my bitching about what we don't have up in OC, we are blessed with some excellent yakitori places, including Shinsengumi, Kappo Honda, and Honda-ya. Mmmm... Shisou wrapped in pork belly...

Better luck with the next yakitori spot.

- CP


Theres more than one type of yakitori?? Wow Japanese cuisine has so many layers ... its like an onion ... or an ogre :)


i am strangely attracted to how uniform the shapes are. ooh, square chicken. round rice. too bad it wasn't so tasty.


hey kirk,
i know nothing about yakitori, having only eaten it at one place, but that one place seemed pretty good. it's Yakitori Yakudori in hillcrest, on 6th avenue. they have a good happy hour special, too. can't remember what the food deal is, but the beer is half-price!


nothing like meat on a stick ;-)

If you're ever around this side of the neck of the wood
Tustin - Honda Ya yummy yakatori
556 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780

Fountain Valley - Shinsegumi yakatori
18315 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA


Oh my goodness, once again you read my mind, Kirk!

Just last weekend I was at Nijiya and I thought "I wonder if Yakitori K-1 is any good, I wish Kirk would review it" and you did! Sorry to hear that it wasn't that great. I'm still trying to get my husband to go with me to try out the little yakitori place on 6th st. in Hillcrest. Their initial high prices(they've since lowered them) really scared us off.



Try Yakitori Yakyudori on 6th avenue in Hillcrest, very good, very authentic


I was wondering when you were going to get to this place. It doesn't sound too promising though...too bad.


Hi Kirk!
I have a question and you're just the man with the perfect answer. Tyler and I are looking for some really good chinese food. What is your favorite chinese restaurant in San Diego, and you're favorite dishes they serve? Thanks!


Hi CP - Compared to the Yakitori in LA, this stuff really wasn't that great.

Hi Rachel - Well I think of Yakitori as it's own little category.....but, yeah, there's more than one way to grill a bird.

Hi Dave - I think you're on to something....I've gotten at least a dozen rec's for that restaurant...too bad they aren't open for lunch!

Hi nhbilly - Thanks for the rec's, I've got to make it up that way soon. What was the name of the sushi bar you recommended before?

Hi Lynnea - Well you might want to try K-1, but stay away from all of the mundane stuff....

Hi RonSan - Thanks.....we'll make it up there soon.

Hi Jack - At least it wasn't very expensive.

Hi Amanda - That's a rather complex question - so I sent you an email.


Hi santos - LOL! Always looking for harmony in the world.

Joseph E

Are you still on the SDCHow yahoo group? Folks have been trying to get something together for Ba Ren. Are you coming?



Hi JosephE - I thought you all had dinner this past Thurs? Guess I'm missing something. I'm really booked for the next month, but let's see what's going on.....

Joseph E

It didn't work out; we are talking about this Thurs or next Wed. Hope to see you there.


I was one of Yakatori K1's first I admit...I am biased, but I am also a huge food snob. I think that Yakitori K-1 is a pretty good place to eat, especially for the price and selection. All the servings are made fresh--Yakitori K-1 only uses FREE RANGE CHICKEN. They don't cut corners by using cheap ingredients. I would recommend that anyone give it a try for themselves. Let's remember folks...this isn't Japan.


Hi Curtis - Unfortunately, I'm not a food snob...I just like well flavored food. I think the real short coming at K-1 is the tare and cooking technique. I don't think anyone is expecting a Yakitori-Ya.

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