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Wednesday, 06 September 2006



Hi Jeffrey - Wow looks like just missed your comments last night. Your Mom sure was serious about Her tofu. As for that Physician, I seem to recall an Obit I read, that had something along those, memory loss and old age!

Hi Hungry - Thanks for that link. Talk about serious To-Foodies, wow!

Hi Kady - Don't be; I was just stumbling around trying to see if I could actually make tofu.


tofu decipal...

the result is not of significance, it is the attempt which is to be commended...

in time, you will learn the necessary skills. And when the skills have been mastered, the soy and the water will become one and you shall be anointed...... Tofu Master...


My Aunt used to make Soy mil which I enjoyed and enjoyed watching her make but I never knew about the extra steps to make tofu. I always thought it had to set for longer than that! Thanks Kirk for sharing this cooking experience with us. I will look at my humble blocks of tofu in a different light now :) I always thought somehow they scooped giant curds outof some machine somewhree and packaged it but as to how it set and how long etc. I was clueless.


Aah DCCF, my Onion Ring Sensei! Such words of wisdom.....

Hi Rachel - It's really not that hard, just alot of steps and time.


Wow! I've always thought I was crazy for making my own tofu, but I think it is so much better than store bought. Way more work too!

I've been wondering where to get nigari. Thanks for the info.

Your tofu looked great and yes, I think the tofu dome is probably the usual shape that we homemade tofu makers get from the process.


Oh my goodness, I just saw this. You made tofu???? Holy cow...that is one thing I would have NEVER thought to make. Kudos to you...that's cool!


Hi Lynnea - You are crazy! LOL! ;o) Making tofu is a bit time consuming, but if you've got the afternoon free, it's almost therapeutic. Plus, the tofu tastes much better than store bought! They've got Nigari at Nijiya, second aisle, bottom shelf!

Hi Keri - I felt that I had to at least try it out once. Homemade is quite good!


Kirk, you are a mind reader. How did you know I came back to see if you would give detailed instructions regarding which aisle I would find the nigari on once I get to nijiya? I've gotta make a trip up there really soon.



Hi Lynnea - If you have problems finding it, just ask a clerk...they'll know where to find it. Have fun....


i live in seattle. having a really difficult time finding nigari here. any suggestions?


Hi Glori - I'm surprised that Uwajimaya doesn't carry Nigari. I'm pretty sure you can order it online. You may also try calling your local health food store.

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