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Friday, 01 September 2006



quacks like a duck?



Hmm whether you qualify for the label or not will probably depend on your water retention for the day. Eg, if you had something with lots of salt in it, I'd say you were the duck of the day. Of course one could also debate if you were a "young duck" ;)

Hope you have a good holiday ;)


Stalking alert! My husband and I were reading this label last Saturday at 99ranch....and wondering the same things as you...
Perhaps the missing parts are being sold in those counters at 99ranch...used to see a small foam tray of just duck tongues in the prepackaged section....


Hi RONW - You quack me up.....

Hi Rachel - Guess I only qualify for the "Parts Missing" label....definitely not "Young Duck"!!!

Hi Cathy - Again? I'm really sure great minds do think alike. This ine is from Lucky Seafood in Mira Mesa.


Oddly, we were at Lucky Seafood on Sunday...creepy...


And here we are both online at the same time...spooky!!!


Maybe it's used - of course, I'm not paying Kelley Blue Book price for that duck ! ;)


Yeah, I've seen ducks labeled that way too, and also thought the verbiage left a little something to be desired!

Sorta-semi-seriously: I'm guessing that what they're trying to say is that they've not included the packet of giblets/neck/etc.--which is actually a bit of a bummer for those of us who like that little packet (duck liver as cook's reward!). If I had a choice between a duck with that packet and one without, I'd definitely go for the former.

Damn! See what you've done! Between this and other recent posts, now I'm craving me some duck, big-time! :-)


Hi! This is exactly the kind of blog I've been looking for. I came about your blog Googling for Jamillah Garden (because I'm obessed with homemade noodles- "knife cut" and "hand-pulled").

I love hole-in-the-wall Asian places and I'm obsessed with noodles! Keep it up! =)


Off topic... but I realized your indian section is pretty bare. So here's one recommendation.

Surati Farsan Mart - It's a good place to try indian chaat (small dishes, tapas, dim sum, call it whatever). It's in the same Indian Ghetto on Black Mountain.

I recommend the pani puri, sev puru, and dahi puri and the cholle samosas... actually anything is good.

Joseph E

I've been bemused by those lables every time I stroll by the freezers at Vien Dong.

Do you know any place that sells fresh, never-frozen duck around here?


Hi Ed - LOL! Hope you're having a nice Holiday weekend!

Hi Chi - Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I guess the reason you don't see very much Indian on our blog is, that the Missus really needs to be in the mood for it. Thanks again for the recommendation, we've parked right in front of the place, but never had a chance to try it out.

Hi JosephE - You can give Lee Wing Poultry a try. It's right off of ECB on Euclid.

Lee Wing Poultry & Meats
4310 Euclid Ave
San Diego, CA 92115

I also recommended the place to the Dining Diva a year or so ago. One of the few live poultry shops in San Diego. Good luck!


Hi Mizdcuky - Good to have you back in action!

Colleen Cuisine

I would like to buy that duck and try to reassemble it. You know, like when you try to put together a puzzle that has a few missing pieces? Sounds like a fun (albeit messy) challenge


Hi Colleen - You'd like to reconstruct and deconstructed duck! Make him into the 6 million dollar duck??? I'd say you've missed your true calling - you shoulda been a Surgeon.

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