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Saturday, 16 September 2006



"Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely spam! Wonderful Spam....!"
I'm having fried spam (soaked...can you say marinated and spam in the same sentence? mable syrup), eggs and rice today for breakfast! Thanks Kirk!??! :)


Hello Kirk, how are your arteries nowadays? :D

Spam is quite popular among the students and office workers back home (Philippines.) I remember my combo box - gheez, that was from primary school 'til college -slices of spam with rice and fried egg was my standard menu, oh and banana ketchup on the side.

i must say your breaded slices looked really yummy.

Christine D.

What a nice Spam coincidence! Last night, my dad popped open a can of spam to eat with some baguette. Then i walked into the kitchen because i was gonna eat some kimchi ramen, and i saw the spam and chucked a few pieces into the noodles. Then my stepmom came home, saw the Spam, and ate it with rice.

And today i might be making some kimchi fried rice with...Spam!



My mouth is watering and my arteries are hardening, all from those pictures. Nice one!

- CP


Hi Jack - Sounds like a wonderful brunch...cause after eating that you've had all your calories for the day!

Hi Thess - Welcome back - seems like the kitchen remodel is almost done, right? Spam has been mentioned as "Hawaii's soul food", that sounds about right, doesn't it? Spamsilog sounds really good...with Jufran of course!

Hi Christine - How does the saying go...Buy a man a Spam Musubi, and you have fed him lunch, open a can of Spam, and you have fed the Family! LOL! ;o)

Hi CP - OH,'s a double whammy!!!


there's a Spam Lite (low sodium Spam) that has all the tasty flavor with less of the super saltyness. just in case heart attack by Spam isn't the way you want to go.

P.S. - spam goes really well with mangoes...


I love spam just heated in the microwave and eaten in a slice of bread just folded over it ... ahh the simple pleasures in life.
I stopped eating it when I realised just how umm energy dense it was. (I am trying to avoid saying the b.. word for food, often associated with the d... word ;)) However, joy of joys, the turkey spam is much better for you and the taste is still nice and meaty and salty. Do you have turkey spam over there? We have spam, spam lite, bbq spam, low sodium spam and turkey spam. We also have the promotion here if you send a certain number of labels in you can get caps or t-shirts or a rucksack.

Anyway, I didn't realise I had missed so much yummy food. That spam kimchi fried rice looked very good in your last post but the cold noodles with the frozen stock was just too wierd. Have been working on a few assignments. Miss your food adventures!


another name for your meal - heart attack katsu :-) YUM - I love spam


Hi Rachel - I try and limit my Spam (is it it's own food group) intake, so when I eat Spam, I go for the messing around with the other stuff.

Hi Nhbilly - How about Coronary Katsu? ;o)


Hi CSB - I rarely have I'll just stick with the "real thing"....mangos with Spam, now that sounds Soy Sauce-Sugar with Spam, and Bagaong with Spam!


Oooohh, spam-katsu ahah. I remember eating Katsu-ham sandwiches in Japan, but haven't tried spam-katsu. sounds great haha.


Hi EDBM - Spam Katsu is good stuff...not too often, though!

 Jeff C

Followed the link Kirk and found this post. Great, two of my favorite things combined to such a great culinary and tasty result.


Hi Jeff - It is quite tasty..... though it induced cringes in some of my friends.

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