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Thursday, 28 September 2006



I suspect that the maguro will become better as winter approaches. But shouldn't buri be ideal during the fall (rather than the full-grown hamachi)?



Your wife is one brave woman. Fight a hungry Kama'aina for food? Heaven forbid! I'd sooner tangle with a fully enraged Tagal warrior; the type the Colt .45 was invented to combat. Those guys were tough!

I love those sushi pics. As I've been promising for a while, I'm gearing up for a super post of my favorite OC sushi spot this weekend. Please look forward to it.

- CP


Looks like you found your neighborhood sushi spot! Doesn't it feel great when the chef/owner remembers which dishes you enjoy or how you like it prepared? Now that's customer service! :)


mmm guess some of the cooked stuff can always be "fillers" and the fresh sushi your "tempters". wish i could try some of that aji... your description was very good ! hehe and thats what happens when you share something you like with your spouse and they start liking it too...


Wow...the nigiri looks simply awesome. But that wasn't the most striking thing I saw in this post.

What was is this, you capitalize "She" in mid-sentence. I don't know how I never noticed before (after this I'm going to review your past posts). Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you made me smile. It's a very endearing tribute to your better half. ;-)


Oops, "hamachi" is actually the younger form of yellotail - shows you how much I really know ;)


Hi Ed - No problemo! If you are able to get Buri Toro, please get it, it's very, very good. Also from what I remember Buri is "wild", while most Hamachi these days in the US is farm/commerically raised. I've had Buri twice, once it was quite nice and fatty, the secomnd time tough and dry. I still haven't had, nor seen Inada, on any menu in English...though it could be I'm not paying attention.

Hi CP - She may have the upper hand, though! Her chopstick skills are better than mine.

Hi Kathy - Yes, developing a relationship with the Itamae is what it's about in these places, and gives the restaurant a chance to shine.

Hi Elmo - Wow, I'm impressed that you noticed...only Rachel, PE, and You have mentioned that you've noticed that. It's only right that I do so...She's my "better half" after all!

Andy 食神

it looks excellent.. especially the geoduck.. it's so sweet when eaten raw. good stuff.

you guys drive all the way to LA for a meal? that is far... I come down to SD alot, but I train it.. that might work out for downtown destinations like J-town.


Hi Andy - I've got some interesting "train" posts in the near future..... When we drive up, unless it's a special occasion, we'll have 2 meals and do some shopping as well.

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