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Wednesday, 27 September 2006



In and out in 20 minutes! I think you've got me beat by at least 5 minutes.

I like Pho Hoa for a more substantial broth. I also like their Bun Bo Hue for that reason too. The BBH broth is very dark, almost like Niu Rou Mein. And you're right, the tenderness of the meat can vary a lot.


Dark broth? Is a no, no for sure either:

1.They didn't clean the bone well,
bones need to be pre-boil till the scum stop floating up. Scrub and rinse.

2. They left the ansie or clove in to long - side note I put cinnamon stick in my pho :-) and I like to roast my ansie, clove and cinnamon. Could explain why broth is dark

3. The uncook meat they place on top of the pho before they douse it with the hot soup is the source of the cloudy broth.

4. The bones has been cooked for so long that it actually falls apart.

5. Roasted ginger and onion could be another factor of dark broth.

but #1 is the worst offender.


Went there the first time this past Saturday...and our observations completely, from the pointing and telling us where to sit(owner was eating his lunch at the front table)and especially the was kind of odd they way that happened...

We also had ordered some of the cha gio and it really was the first time at any Pho restaurant they came out with the rest of the food and not after...

They did let us read the menu, though, probably since we were the only blonde people in there....or maybe because we looked and said we weren't ready to order yet...

The broth is excellent, I agree... I didn't set a stopwatch or we could have a contest....


Lol, Kirk! The "how fast can you have lunch at Pho Hoa" was an awesome idea. Applause, applause! I can just imagine you dashing in, polishing off the com tam and out - zip, just like that! Did you at least get a chance to pause outside after leaving to congratulate yourself? :) Man, only food bloggers would think up these type of games!


i love going here. I like the fact that they give ALOT of meat and ALOT of noodles. its one of the rare pho places where i'm actually full afterwards.

brisket and rare steak with meat on the side for the win!!

Passionate Eater

My mom would have a field day if she read this post! "Eat slowly, chew, and remember that eating is a time to celebrate your body!" But, if my mom read your blog, she'd also make you into her adopted son! (I think the food pictures would do her in.) I love the innovative blog topic and the "race against time" though Kirk!


Hi, I'm Australian, I don't know if you've ever been here but you can find the best Pho anywhere right here in Melbourne. I've had American friends claim the same and having tasted American Pho, I was completely underwhelmed. IF u ever take a trip down under, due to our relatively large asian community you get some of the best asian cuisine anywhere.


Thanks for a good story, made me laugh thinking about them putting a gold medal around your neck.



Have you noticed that we all tend to trend off of one another when we food blog? It's kinda cool. Vietnamese cuisine seems to be in right now, which is good since I'm in the middle of exploring Little Saigon. Don't think I've ever been served food quite that quickly, but it has indeed been zippy.

- CP



You brought a stopwatch to lunch!?!?!

Your starting to scare me.


by chance, are they affiliated with the "Zippy's" chain of restaurants in Hawaii?


Hi Howie - I swear, sometimes that broth is so very dark!

Hi Nhbilly - The Dark and Cloudy appearance doesn't really seem to affect the flavor, but it does look quite different.

Hi Cathy - So you noticed the noodles too? It is quite strange how quickly they go downhill.....

Hi Kathy - I just need to keep myself amused.....kind of silly I know.

Hi Clayfu - Alot of people I know really like Pho Hoa.

Hi PE - Yes, chew your food well, so you don't get indigestion. I know that one really well!

Hi TC - Welcome, and thanks for commenting. Hopefully one day I'll be able to check it out for Myself.

Hi Mina - I'm glad I could provide a little humor. I sometimes do silly things to keep myself amused.

Hi CP - I call those Blogger-Rhythms. I always find that Elmo, Jeni, Pam, and several others seem to be tuned in to almost the same "vibe", and often end up eating the same type of food at the same time......

Hi Jim - No silly! I used the stopwatch feature on my cheapie digital watch. Now wouldn't it have been funny, if I actually came in with a towel around my neck, and stopwatch in hand!

Hi RONW - LOL! Always with the puns.....


Hi Kirk ... I think we should try submitting it as an olympic event!

LOL I love how you glowed when the restaurant owner praised your efforts, matched only with the skill of his hard trained waitstaff. It sounds like he deems you a diner worthy of his restaurant. ;) but that said, it is truly an amazing record. I have a record on the opposite end at the town i used to work at. The lunches were nice but you had to be able to wait an hour or more for them!


I echo CP's comment. The moment I saw this, I went, "Whoa, there's the blogger brain-wave sync-up again"...but then, seeing as how you post almost every other day, it's statistically inevitable that something I post will jive with the three or four that you post during the same period.


The bestest pho I ate in Laos had really dark this really a nono?

Anyway, I just so love heartfelt arguments about what is the true pho, tartiflette, lakse, clam chowder, couscous, or pot au feu...more please!


Hi Rachel - Yes, the many cases of indigestion?

Hi Elmo - Those Blogger-rhythms run very strong.

Hi Emily - Well, that's what I've been told...main thing is that it's good, no?


So punny! *groan*


Hi Rachel - You know how hard it is for me to resist!


Have you tried Le's Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese Restaurant? So far, I've read good reviews (from the ones that I can find) but I'm still curious.


Hi Donna - I haven't been there in several perhaps a post is in order.

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