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Sunday, 03 September 2006



The logo on the New Tajima looks just like the Tajima on Convoy. I wonder if it's a second and more formal restaurant?


Hey Kirk,
I was at Tajima yesterday - first time. My wife and I were just back from the East Coast of Canada - lots of fish, but very little Japenese/Sushi to speak of...
Anyhow, we tried Sammy Sushi first (based on one of your posts ;) and ended up passing the new Tajima on the way to Tajima (our second choice). I was very confused! But, at Tajima, the new location was prominantly displayed in the restaurant and on the menu - so I guess its legit...


Hi Noromdiam - I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Hi Campy - Well that's interesting, but I guess 2 Tajimas are better than one.....


It is indeed a new Tajima. The last time I was at the "old" Tajima they had a sign in the entryway that said, "Opening new location" and had a map of where it would be. Hopefully the new location will have as much character as the old location.

Andy 食神

perhaps this will great as it won't be in that dumpy little mini mall anymore. on a bad note, prices may go up.


Kirk, kop jai lai lai, merci, thank you, gracias, shukran and I gotta say I never expected such a fabulous welcome back, you are indeed the best!!


Hi Fred - Thanks for the info. This "Tajima" seemed to just pop up overnight.

Hi Andy - From what I now have heard, both locations will be kept open. Looks like better parking is available here.

Hi Emily - Welcome back - I really did miss your "lunches".


I ate at the new Tajima on Friday night (Sept 8). The back of the "New Tajima Open" sign shown in your picture said something like "Closed for lunch time for remodeling" so it may only be open for dinners right now.


Hi Ron - Thanks for the info - how was the food, BTW?


It had the same menu and the food was tasty as usual. I ate the tonpei for an appetizer and tempura for the main course. My friends ordered the Tajima hamberg. They gave us free ice cream too!


Hi Ron - Good deal...thanks!

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