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Thursday, 14 September 2006



I think I'm having Korean BBQ tonight. Thanks ;-)


Damn!!!!! That Kimchi Spam fried rice just made my stomach cry out in hunger. That looks soooo good. Seriously, I am so hungry now, I feel like I can smell the dishes...[drool].


Kimchi spam fried rice? Sounds like a great breakfast....right now!


Excellent! Another Korean place to try. I think I'll check it out this weekend.


Looks lovely and lots of interesting details as per usual chez Kirk.

Perhaps I've asked this question before, but really what is with's obviously a USA west coast (and esp. Hawaii) Asian thing. Has anyone published a food anthropology article on this? cuz I'm fascinated



Spam and kimchi fried rice, eh? Your Hawaiian roots are showing through. =)

*sigh* Now I've got a spam craving. Where's a Sam Choy restaurant when you need one?

- CP


So, you are going to try the Chrysalis (aka the infamous silkworm larvae) soup, eh? Let us know how that goes!


Noooooo! Not bondeggi!!! Don't do it man, they're evvvviiiillll!


ditto for the "Spam and Kimchi Fried Rice." The egg on top really makes the dish.


Hi Nhbilly - I hope you had a good meal!

Hi Rob - It was pretty good, at least I thought so...tho' it could've been that I hadn't had Kimchi Fried Rice in ages.

Hi Jack - Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.....really good anytime.

Hi Denver - Hope you enjoy yourself.

Hi Emily - Tell you what, I'll try to explain in a future post.

Hi CP - I guess you're right. Sometimes you just need some Spam....

Hi Reynila - Unless you get some first??? ;o)

Hi Jenn - Was it that bad????

Hi RONW - That's the Cherry on the top, ain't it?


I happened to drop by Korean Hometown Restaurant today to try out their cuisine, and I noticed that the Health Department grade posted in the window was a "B." Having never seen a "B" outside of LA Chinatown, I decided to get my Dolsot Bibambap at Tofu House instead.

Interestingly enough, in the first photo above they have an "A" posted. I would assume that they got inspected by the Health Department between then and now and were found lacking.


Hi Fred - After living in LA for a number of years, a 'B' rating doesn't bother me a whole lot...unless it's a sushi/sashimi/raw food type restaurant.


I tried this place, and the portions are hearty, but a bit on the pricy side. The egg was missing on the spam & kimichi fried rice, which I surely would have enjoyed. But overall not bad.

I haven't tried alot of korean places since I have moved from San Antonio, TX . . . but I will venture to do so more often.


Hi RCLC - If you think KHR is expensive....I think you'll be in for a bit of a shock. Lunch is probably the most inexpensive way to go for Korean food in San Diego, since most places have lunch specials.

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