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Saturday, 09 September 2006



I love korean pancakes! Especially the one with kimchi and veggies in it. Are those silk worms edible??? What in the world do they taste like?


Whoa! I have dinner planned now!


Although I have personally never eaten a silkwork pupa, there's a guy who did and wrote about it on his blog,, which is pretty funny.

once on his blog, click, on the link 'steve, don't eat it' on the right side bar. he posts all sorts of interesting food items, including the silkworms.


Hey Kirk!!! I know...i'm lagging. Anyhow, that chive pancakes looks delicious! That's one of my favorite things to eat....I would so love to go to the festival. Too bad it's in SD. :(

Heh...I think I'll pass on the Silk Worms. :X

Christine D.

"Steve, Don't Eat It!"

HAHA! That's the first thing I thought of when i saw that can of silk worms. I agree with Reynila. Definitely check that out!


Oh good god, please tell me you didn't eat any of those wormies.

Huh. I wonder if anyone has pointed those things out to Eddie Lin from Deep End Dining... =D

- CP


Hi Janice - Yes, those silkworm larvae are sold to be eaten.

Hi Cathy - Having Bondegi, are you? LOL!

Hi Reynila - Funny, I've read a bunch of Steve don't eat it posts - but don't remember that one! Pretty funny!

Hi Keri - It's just good to know that you are doing well!

Hi Christine - I did, pretty funny stuff!

Hi CP - Well you're just going to have to check in the future to see! How's that for suspense...... I think that stuff might to too mundane for Eddie!


Looks a bit quiet, what time did it go till? ?Hope you saw other interesting things beside the silkworms *shudder*


Dang! Totally missed the festival! What I get for not checking in here over the weekend ...

Mmmmmm ... canned caterpillars! :-D (They can call 'em silkworm larve all they want--as far as I'm concerned, they're caterpillars, and while I loved playing with them as a kid, I rather have 'em on me than in me! :-D )


Hi Rachel - There was quite a bit to eat, other than silk worm larvae.....

Hi Mizducky - How about grubs???


I completely forgot about this. I was driving to the bike shop on Convoy late in the afternoon when I saw the blocked off road and realized I forgot.


Hi Jack - It's a fairly decent "festival" by San Diego standards.

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