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Thursday, 07 September 2006



Now if only all Happy Meals were like this...! :)


Hey Kirk:

Two things: You should try the dwenjang chigae and the kimchee chigae. Both are pretty good.

Also, I was recently at the food court in the San Diego Superior Court, and there is an "Asian Fusion" place serving your typical teriyaki chicken bowls, sushi rolls, chinese food...and pho! The pho is not very good, but I think the fact that pho is served at the court house in itself is amazing.


Looks pretty good. I wondered if there was a place where you could just fill up on panchan. Maybe if they keep making their 2-for-1 mistake? Hmm...


Wish I had a cool cafe type place lie that which served cheap, authentic food and with panchan too!!! I think some panchan is better than no panchan! Panchan is like sex... even when its bad, its still pretty good... hmm I can't even remember which movie that line came from now ...


Hey Kirk,

Man, I love those little eateries. I need to put up a review of my favorite Japanese one. It's really similar to Happy Meal.

"This ain't no lousy same chicken with a different sauce food court garbage."

That last comment was awesome. I had a run-in with one of those places during my last trip to Vancouver. I think I let my guard down 'cause I figured there was no such thing as bad Chinese food there. Boy was that a wrong move.

- CP


Yum! I haven't been to Zion Market for a good long while--now I have a great excuse!


Hi Kathy - You are so right!

Hi JKP - Thanks for the recommendation - I think I'll save those for the Missus, She enjoys it more than I. Looks like Pho is hitting the mainstream.

Hi Howie - Yes, some days panchan and rice...would be very, very nice!

Hi Rachel - Yes, sometimes I think I take panchan for granted. I should appreciate it more.

Hi CP - I'll take one of these little eateries, or Asian Food Courts over those mall types any day.

Hi mizducky - Well, I may just see you there!



Excellent review! Spot on.

Wierd that they were out of spicy pork that day. I'd have to agree on the BBQ Beef. I used to order the BBQ Beef regularly, then about 6 months ago, it seemed that they changed their recipe so the beef is pretty bland now, which is why I now order the Spicy Pork.

The pachan has always been generous, especially for a food court type place.

I've been going to Happy Meal for lunch time regularly for a couple years and the service is usually pretty good. But yeah, there are times (not many) where it's packed and the poor lady would be running around. Nice cozy place if you qant a quick Korean fix. MMmmm, i think I'll make my usual jaunt over there this week.


Hi Denver - I'll get the Spicy Pork soon, hopefully! Thanks again for the recommendation.


Next to Happy Meal is a little spot called "Tonkatsu." I ate there today, and the food was pretty good! Crisp (non-soggy) tempura, flavorful tonkatsu whose battered outside adhered to the meat rather than sliding off, and a nice portion size for the price. If you get a chance to go there, I think you might like it.


Hi Fred - Believe it or not, I've been there:


Ah, quite right. I had forgotten all about that.


FYI, Happy Meal changed ownership and it is now called Happy Family. Different menu now and no spicy pork. I went there about ago and was sooo disappointed (service was slow, panchan was scaled back and the Bulgogi was average). So now I guess I'll have to go to Crisp Tonkatsu (which was spretty decent).


Hi Denver - I did notice that the place has been painted, and the menu looked different. I'll update once I have a chance to check it out. Thanks for letting me know!

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