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Monday, 04 September 2006


Andy 食神

Wow... a Zhejiang style restaurant...what a find! There are so very few Zhejiang style restaurants in LA.. perhaps only 1 or 2. did you come across this by word of mouth?

Curious what their dinner menu would be... gotta check it out.


The glutinous rice and smoked fish both look delicious!

You wouldn't happen to have a clearer picture of the menu, would you? I don't read Chinese all that well so I'd want to take some time to orient myself before I tried to order off of it.

jeffrey chow

I think I'm going to try this brunch menu sunday before I and the wife go to the San Diego Zoo when we get out to San Diego. Too many good restaurants. What a lovely problem to have.


Hi Andy - Not being overly familiar with Jiangsu or Zhejiang cuisine, it all seemed to be Shanghainese to me. ;o) Funny you should ask that question - I once sat next to a really nice Chinese Gentleman at Sammy's about an year ago, when he found out that first off, my wife was Chinese, and secondly, that I loved to eat, we started talking about restaurants. And he mentioned Chin's to me. At first I thought he was kidding(you'll find the dinner menu somewhat uninspiring, and Chin's is a local Chinese restaurant chain), but he assured me that He was serious. And as you can see, He was....

Hi SK - If you click on the photo, it will "pop-up" and enlarge. If that doesn't work, let me know, I'll be happy to email a copy of it to you so you can enlarge, let me know.

Hi Jeffrey - Funny, this place is so un-San Diego like. I felt like I was back in LA.


Now, question is, how's their sweet and sour pork?! Just kidding.


Hi Elmo - I think they have it on their regular lunch and dinner menu...just for you! LOL!

ed (from Yuma)

I am amazed. Such a range of dishes - most of which I hadn't heard of or seen.

Whodda thunk?


Wow that chunk of cured pork is like the canned stuff I buy from Hormel, no it's not spam. And very good with rice...Hmmm almost everything is go with rice. ;-)
Thanks for sharing your mouth watering I'm drooling


Hi Ed - Yeah whodda the Holiday Inn Select on Miramar???

Hi nhbilly - Yeah, good observation.....


A lot of the dishes here look delicious! I haven't tried that pork dish before.

Is this Chin's related to Chin's Szechuan?


Hi Howie - Part 2 is coming up! And I found the address on Chin's Szechuan's website - so I believe they are....whodathunk!


Hi, Nanxiang xiao long bao refers to the very traditional Shanghainese xiao long bao, it is a small "city" (suburb) of Shanghai and the most famous xiaolongbao spot in all of Shanghai is Nanxiang xiaolongbao, which is located at the Yu Gardens.


The truth please! Did you finish all that food except for the pork dish??? Yikes!


Hi boran - Thanks for the info.

Hi gouramanda - We believe that leftovers are a good thing - we had enough for 2 more meals.


I had dinner here once trying to find a new authentic chinese restaurant. We ordered the Szechuan Fish (decent) and fried rice. I was so disappointed with the fried rice. I knew right off the bat isn't wasn't authentic. It was lacking flavor and dry. Maybe they were missing the msg :) Not memorable...


Hi Yvonne - I suggest that you try the weekend Chinese breakfast. It has never even entered my mind to have dinner there....

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