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Sunday, 17 September 2006



Hi again Kirk!
Holy molly! How long are these sandwiches? Good for one person?
I find the jalapeno slices interesting though.

Nguyen Le

My favorite one is the banh mi thit nuoung(bbq beef). speaking of k sandwiches my brother's friend actually owns the place.


LOL! I love the description of your jalapeno roulette. You are so imaginative.
Any banh mi is good ... although I would too have been disappointed at the "special" which looked quite common.


Jalapeno roulette! I love that game! I anticipate getting hit, disappointed when I don't...sometimes, to up my chances, I stuff more jalapenos from the inevitable mound that my friends usually fish out of theirs.

Andy 食神

hmm.. wonder if there is any relation to Pho T. Cali.. the one with the Laughing Cow Cheese logo rip off... but probably not.



Mmmm... Bahn mi. My quest for the perfect bahn mi in Irvine continues, but I'll have your pictures to sustain me.

Damn, I'm hungry.

- CP


Hi Thess - Yes, these are meant for one person...maybe 10 inches long. Don't worry they are not that filling!

Hi Nguyen - If they BBQ flavor is the same, I'd say all the BBQ is good here. The BBQ Chicken had a nice flavor...and no rubbery-fatty-tough parts.

Hi Rachel - Thanks so much....personally, I like something interesting in the Dac Biet..something, well, special!

Hi Elmo - Well, you're cheating...doing the Jalapeno Roulette with loaded peppers!

Hi Andy - Could be. I thought the one with the laughing Cow was Pho Hoa...but I must be mistaken.

Hi CP - Let me know when you find it. I'm still searching as well.....


I dropped by this sandwich place today to have a try, and got a barbecue chicken sandwich like the missus did. I agree that the chicken had a nice flavor to it. The sandwich seemed to be lacking in something, though. I think I like the ones at Lucky Seafood better.

The lack of a barbecue pork sandwich on the menu was also a bit disappointing. I happen to like those as well.


Hi Fred - I'm more of a head cheese, etc... kind of guy, and I miss the richness of pate, and I think the pickles don't have a whole lot of flavor...except for the onion.


I was at Lucky Seafood over the weekend to purchase groceries, and it looks like Cali Cafe Sandwiches has been replaced by Ba Le Sandwiches. I'm assuming that this is related to the Linda Vista shop, but I have no idea.

The Grand Opening banner was advertising "Buy 2, get 1 free" for sandwiches and sugar cane drinks.

I got sandwiches at Cali Cafe in May, and was disappointed with the quality of the bread. It was Memorial Day weekend - perhaps the bread was a day or two old?


Hi Sandy - I thought that Cali Cafe made a decent, but not great Banh was trying to be sort of like K Sandwich North. Thanks for the info, I haven't been in the area since we returned from Peru. This will be the third shop there that I can remember.....I'm wondering what it is about the location.


I don't think I ever stopped at Cali Cafe's predecessor, but I do recall that location was a used book store for many years.

Tan Ky Mi Gia was preceded by a pho restaurant. I always felt bad for the place because it seemed near-empty; I think most people went to Lucky Seafood for pho (like us).

The Philipino bakery a couple of doors down from Cali Cafe has had a name/owner/management change recently, too.


Hi Sandy - I recall seeing a sign saying that the location was going to become an outlet of Valerio's....a pretty well known Filipino Bakery. Many people I know like the Pan de Sal.

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