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Tuesday, 22 August 2006



Oh Yes! I'd definitely be interested...lamb curry, yum!


Post away, Kirk-san!
Maybe one of these marvelous sounding dishes will be the one that helps you to get rid of that pesky virus once and for all!


Definitely want to hear more about this place, Kirk. And now that I'm recuperated just enough to start making brief forays outside my nest, I am mightily tempted to make an expedition to Thien Thanh myself for the bun bo Hue. Totally the premiere convalescence food. (All the more so when I get it with the pork blood heheheheh!)


woo yes more interesting vietnamese food please! I love how you always give tasting notes. Its nice to live vicariously through someone else ;)


good read like always.Yum

ed (from Yuma)

By all means. More details. I have wanted to go back there since my visit. Too bad you got skimped on the garnish. I really liked the banana blossom with the bun bo hue.



Great looking eats there. Between you and Kathy from "A Passion for Food", I'm going to have to go on a Vietnamese food binge pretty soon.

Good Eating!

- Chubbypanda


Call me ahead of time when you got a chance to come up to LA or OC. I will give you some of my home made Bun Cha Hanoi.

Andy (食神)

that looks soooo good. Where in LA can I get that?


The BBH looks great here! I'll have to hit this place when I'm finally off my diet.

Kirk, reading your blog is torture for those on diet!


Try this restaurant in Westminster
Hue Rendevous
15562 Brookhurst St , Westminster 92683

Next time you are in OC. try this out.


Hi Renee - Thanks for the vote of confidence...lamb curry will be forthcoming!

Hi EJ - I hope so...well, I'm sure it just needs to run it's course.

Hi Mizducky - Sounds like your recovery is coming along well. I think you'll enjoy the very fresh herbs and veggies at Thien Thanh. Plus the people there have always been very nice.

Hi Rachel - As you wish! Not that it's really so hard for me....

Hi Nhbilly - Double Yum!!!

Hi Ed - You'll probably beat me to it. Bun Mam anyone???

Hi CP - Funny isn't it? Well best get your fix ASAP, before it gets out of control! ;o)

Hi Beach - Really!!! I'm so honored! You know, I may just take you up on that! Thanks for the Bun Bo Hue rec as well. I'm sure to be headed there the next time I'm in the OC!

Hi Andy - Well, thanks to Beach you've got a rec. It's really good stuff - my Buddy EDBM recommends:
Quan Hy
9727 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92683

But Beach's rec sounds really good! If you love Niu Rou Mien, and fermented shrimp paste, you'll like this stuff! We'll have you eating Sisig very soon!

Hi Howie - Diet? You? Dude, you are one pretty skinny guy already...... ;o)


hehe I can tell you like the movie "The Princess Bride"


Hi Rachel - Okay, just one time, just for you...."My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die."


LOL *high five* That is a movie with many great lines.


Sorry, i dont' think my comment went through. i was wondering if you knew if all bun bo hue broth is on the watery side. i love the flavor of it though. i want a bowl of BBH w/ the soup texture of NRM. yum.


Hi EDBM - I've found "beefier" Bun Bo Hue at those Chinese-Vietnamese(in San Diego it's Saigon) restaurants, but sometimes really heavy on the anise and other seasonings. As a whole BBH(yes, I abbreviate it now), is basically with most of the photos I've seen of it in Vietnam.

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