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Wednesday, 02 August 2006



Good to see you back on the chow trail! I will miss the Cowboy too!


Welcome back Kirk.

Christine D.

Glad to see you back!


I'll miss their SD Fried Chicken with CA roll. Often times, I'd be their only customer. Hopefully the new place will be more successful.


aww its a pity when a favourite goes. I hope the old owners/ chefs will get to see this and realise their food was appreciated.

ed (from Yuma)

Glad you're feeling better.

Sad that you've lost a favorite.


Great to see you back!

Too bad about Teriyaki Cowboy - I never had a chance to get there.

The prospect of kushiage at this new place is quite exciting though. I had kushiage when I went to Japan last month, and it was quite an experience. Deep-fried kabob - how can you go wrong? :)


Well! Don't know why it took me so long to discover your terrific blog. Now I know the place to come if I want to torture myself looking at fabulous photos of delicious food! :)

Captain Jack

What exactly is kushiagi?


Hey Jim - Thanks! I'll miss those inexpensive bentos.

Hi JP & Christine - Thanks, it's good to feel back to normal. Well, normal in a relative sense...aaah, you know what I mean! ;o)

Hi Toisan - They had some pretty good stuff on the menu, but that location, and lack of parking is a killer.

Hi Rachel - I hope so too!

Hi Ed - Thanks, I'm feeling better.

Hi Liza - Well, let's see! With kushiage, your eyes and mouth says yes, Yes, YES! But your arteries are! Masa will be interesting at the least.

Hi Sher - Welcome, and thank you so much for the kind words. I must say, I'm impressed that "Upsie" would tolerate wearing shades...very cool!

Hey Capt Jack - Kushiage....well Kushi is what we call those wooden/bamboo skewers in Japanese. Age means fried. So it's skewered fried items - usually meat or maybe a veggie or two. Oh, and it's usually breaded stuff(at least what I've had). I've been told that it's probably the most unhealthy style of eating Japanese food - sounds like it's right up my alley......


Welcome back, Kirk! Glad you are back eating and posting again.

LOL--I think this is the first post-mortem restaurant report I have read. I know how you feel--there are places I visit that are nothing special, but I would miss them if they were gone.


Glad you're feeling better! Don't you just hate losing a reliable restaurant? I hope you were able to find something else yummy to eat!


Hi Angie - Thanks! TC was one of those places I had "in the can", or thought I did - you should have seen all the photos, like 20 of them to choose from. They were a nice a fairly convenient lunch stop for me, and I'll miss that.

Hi Kady - Thanks. I did find something pretty good to eat, an old reliable restaurant that I hadn't been to in quite a while.


Hello All,

I think TC is just changing their name to MASA sushi. It's still going to be the same owners.

Jim Gottlieb

I was actually considering swinging by there for dinner tonight, but ultimately decided to just come home and eat cereal after having the non-traditional but delicious Unagi-don at Korean-owned Choice Japanese for lunch today.

Frankly, I'm surprised that Cowboy lasted as long as they did. Offering authentic-leaning Japanese fast food in a hidden location never seemed to me to be a secret for success. And their high prices caused me to leave them off my "good value" list (well, maybe that's what helped make them authentically Japanese).

So now it seems they're planning to convert to a more traditional sushi restuarant. That will probably do better, if anyone can find them tucked into their little corner.


Unfortunately, I believe his new restaurant will also not do well. I love his food and he would do great at a better location. If a Pizza Hut won't work there, I don't believe any restaurant will work. He should try to get out of his lease and find a new location instead of putting more money into that place. As they always say, the three rules of real estate, "Location location location."


When we lived in our house in the neighborhood, I stopped by once every week or so. I like supporting family or small businesses when the service or product they sell is decent and Teriyaki Cowboy was pretty good. I too wondered how they lasted so long as there were very few customers whenever I went. Hopefully all will work out for them.


It will be interesting to see how the "next" restaurant in that location will do.

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