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Monday, 14 August 2006



Is the big salad that Buga serves intended to be eaten with the meat? If so, I can only imagine how funny my friends and I have looked eating it like an American salad . . .


There is a Korea House in National City...1908 Sweetwaterm just off the 805 FWY. I think there is a big sign near the off-ramp.

They serve sushi there as well, nothing extraordinary, but decent. It was (and still may) owned by my college roommates' uncle. Also, I think there was at one point joint ownership between that one and the one on Convoy.

I don't go down there very often (a bit far from where I live) but I used to. Last visit was now 3-4 years ago. I used to think it was better than the Korea House on Convoy. Ultimately, convenience outweighed the difference.


Alas, the Korea House in National City closed about a year or so ago. It's an office space now. Prior to that it was "The Hungry Hunter" and back in the 80's, "The Big Yellow House" restaurant. Too bad Korea House closed. They had a really good lunch buffet for $6.95. :(

We were just at Buga and I ate the "salad", but not over the meat and wrapped with the daikon.


Hi Liza - Yes, it is. You can use both the thin slices of radish, and the rice flour wrappers(dduk). But the most important thing is that you enjoy your meal. And there is too much greens for the wrappers, so you have to eat part of it as a salad anyway.

Hi JKP - As Reynila mentions, Korea House in National City has been closed for a while, I never had a chance to eat there - though I've eaten at the one on Convoy.

Hi Reynila - The Hungry Hunter? That sounds sooo 60's. LOL!



Hmmm the Korean drama's can suck you in...It is a terrible disease! Once you start watching some of them it is really hard to stop!

Sometimes it is really hard to find q really good Korean restuarant sometime. *sigh* At least it was better than the previous! :)


I'd wondered about this place. Thanks for saving me a trip :)

I always get a kick out of the restaurant The Hungry Stick on Clairemont Mesa. Someone should give an award for most suggestive restaurant name.

Passionate Eater

You just broke my heart Kirk. I love Korean soap operas, although they are cheesy, silly, and predictable, they are also full of emotion, suspense, and intrigue! I can't bear to hear a bad word uttered about my babies. My Mom and I love em'!


Hi Mills - No kidding! I found myself totally sucked in by the program.

Hi Howie - I've seen photos from the 80's and the Hungry Stick was there then, it's pretty much a really good landmark.

Hi PE - I saw firsthand how you can become addicted to those programs....What bad thing did I say???


LOL Kirk, time to rent some soapies hey?

Wow there you go I learnt something new again about eating the bulbolgi arranged with the salad. Well, the local korean restaurant doesn't actually serve panchan! There is a watery starter salad, but nothing more than that. At least they serve very good kimchi chige and the korean pancake and passable bulgolgi (now I feel ripped off since they also deprived us of those extra things!). They have mushy sushi though ... well if it is the only place for 200 kms, you can't complain too much!


Hi Rachel - No panchan!!! For some reason that doesn't sound right.

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