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Thursday, 31 August 2006



Hmm at this stage for me the thought of tough tendon is a bit of a turn off but that soup does look tasty. I like how those appetizers remind me of yum cha items. How were the shrimp and ground pork fillings? Did you re-heat the rice mounds and did they taste better? The first appetizer looked really different and the ones steamed in the leaves look like they could have had a nice chewy texture.

ed (from Yuma)

Glad you had some of the appetizers that I saw other folks eating that looked so good. Next time I will explore more.

Maybe I got lucky with the tendon, but I liked the big chewy clumps.

Great pics, as usual!


Not quite on topic, but I figured I'd ask. Do you ever get strange looks from people while taking pictures of the food? Or restuarant staff who don't like you photographing things?

Oh oh and I dropped by Sammy Sushi for lunch the other day. Great service and great food. They asked me how I had heard of the place, but I didn't want to get into a whole thing about having read about them here and knowing (but not knowing) yourself, so I told them I had noticed the sign as I drove by. Thanks for the recommendation; I'm going to take my cow-orkers there one of these days!


Kirk, i'm also on the hunt for a great bowl of Bun Bo Hue. I noticed that the soup is usually light/watery. I wonder if I can find that wonderful heartiness of a Niu Ro Mian bowl.


Have you ever noticed that some of the best food comes from mom & pop hole-in-the-walls? Although this place seems a little too hole-in-the-alley-wall for my normal comfort level, I'm seriously considering giving it a go during my next business trip down.


Hi Rachel - The fillings for these were much tastier than the previous version we had. They were okay reheated, but not good for the microwave, and should be steamed.

Hi Ed - They are worth trying out.

Hi Fred - I do occasionally get strange looks, but I'm pretty discreet, and most times no one even notices.

Hi EDBM - Most Bun Bo Hue are almost clear with some chili oil or powder sprinkled on the top. I do enjoy mine a bit richer in flavor, but if you check out the Bun Bo Hue photos on Noodle Pie's blog, you'll find that the broth is pretty clear, even in Vietnam. I also enjoy my Bun Bo Hue with a pretty good amount of fermented shrimp paste. I've found that the versions of Bun Bo Hue I enjoy have a nice balance of spicy, salty, and sweet.

Hi CP - Yes, it's those Mom and Pop Strip Mall treasures tha make eating worthwhile.

Andy 食神

the food looks great.... and you guys look like you enjoyed the view from behind steel bars.. ahhaha...

i've only been reading your blog for a few weeks.. and I gotta ask...

how can 2 ppl eat so much food? or does the doggie bag do wonders for a second meal or late night snack?


Hi Andy - Leftovers are a wonderful thing! Sometimes for than a meal or two(or three) What you see are usually 4 meals for an entire week. Believe me there are still instant ramen days, and visits to our favorite places in between.


ok call me picky. i ate there last thursday after reading your review. i ate the bun bo hue i thought it had a weird bitter after. i also had banh bot loc which was very dry. i was kind of disappointed. then again i ate there about 11 years ago before living in san diego and was not impressed.


Hi Lela - Never had that experience with the Bun Bo Hue at Hoai Hue Deli...and I've eaten there several times. Perhaps you should give Mien Trung a try?

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