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Wednesday, 09 August 2006



2.beef nilaga
3.pork sinigang
4.pancit palabok
5.crispy pata
6.lechon kawali
7.fried (also marinated?)bangus (milkfish)
8.kanin (rice) (...duh)

I would guess the restaurant but I don't live in San Diego.


Um, rachel, I believe Kirk did not want the answers to the dishes revealed...

Passionate Eater

The pictures are exquisite Kirk! (Thanks Rachel for the hints, you did the right thing!)


shessh, Rachel. Eating too much kangaroo steaks and Great White fish-n-chips.


The plates are the real clue. I know. But people have to play....since we can't go on any airplane trips...or do anything anymore. (Although the Perseid Meteor shower will be visible in SD Friday night from 8:30-11pm and peak on Saturday night)...


Kirk, could it be Goldielocks?


i am going to guess whatever rachel said.


Long time reader, first time to comment. Hi! I just wanted to say that I love love love your food blog!

And those pictures are making me hungry.... Wait, the majority of your pictures make me hungry. =) Thanks for all the great suggestions!


mmmm.. kare kare.. i haven't had that in awhile, i think you've just helped me decide what to make for dinner tonight =) is that at villa manila? i don't go out much for filipino food since i usually prefer my own cooking heh


i should learn to read directions thoroughly... lol sorry for posting it and not emailing, but i'm pretty sure i'm incorrect as the table settings don't look familiar.


I don't know the place but the dishes look great.


1. kare-kare
2. nilagang baka (beef)
3. sinigang na baboy (pork) or maybe fish head
4. pancit palabok or pancit luglog
5. crispy pata
6. lechon kawali
7. daing na bangus


NOW...Kirk, go back and right across the street on 8th at that corner....the whole reason I *ever* stopped in that neighborhood...The signage used to read: "Max's, the House that Fried Chicken Built"

....and you know I had to....


So how was the Kare-Kare? Did it have chunks of beef or Oxtail like it's supposed to? I've never really gotten past the itLOG dishes since I usually go to Zarlitos late at night/early morning, and my cravings usually dictate something breakfast-like.


Looks good...Yum


Hey Everybody - Thanks for hanging in there, I'm finishing up tonight! Thanks to everyone who participated!


I saw this a few days ago but decided to see how many would get it correctly. Haven't been to Zarlito's in awhile....


Hi Jack - So you would've gotten all of them correct, right??? ;o)


Jusat looking at the pictures are adding weight to my hips. Too bad most of the falvour was weak, but the pictures are making me drool.

Jack bet, l had all of them correct! I just couldn't place the table cloths.

Too bad about the palabok. I am very picky about this dish as I use to make it from scratch at my Mom's restaurant from pots full of shrimp shells.

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