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Monday, 28 August 2006



Mmmmm ... that was nice. It must have been, what, 10 yrs since I tried Peking Duck. Time to go out and get some ...


i'm with da missus... just say no to duck fat... not a big fan of mongoose fat either..


Dang. Did that Peking Duck get a shot of botox? That skin looks hawt!


Cool! Now that it sounds like they've finally gotten their act together, I'll make a point of dropping by the next time I'm up in that area.


Aww...but it looked so scrumptious. Too bad, if you had said it was a great duck, I would've made a special trip to SD for it.

Captain Jack

Man, I have to try NGC. What style of Chinese would you call it?

Green Turtle

How do you compare GC to China Max & Emerald for dinner? Are they all on par now?


Hello Everyone,
I'm interested in hearing opinions on who has the best Peking Duck in town: China Max, Jasmine, Emerald, Golden City, others?


I'm liking the new ownership as well. Thanks for the report! The hot pot looks great - I'll have to try it. I can recommend their lobster with spicy xo sauce too. Do their really do their chopped duck with jicama? I thought it was traditionally made with water chestnuts?


Those dishes do look good. I went there for lunch about 2 weeks ago and was somewhat underwhelmed by the menu, but it looks like I need to drop by for dinner one of these days.


I'll ship over some Ala Wai duck for you as soon as they're ready (from the Ala Wai canal in Waikiki).


"Mr Duck was taken to the back room and worked over."

Darn Kirk, from the looks of it, I would say the duck had been through enough already! And then worked over again? Does not pay to be a duck these days!


Wow that chiu chow beef stew looks delicious! although my mum is chiu chow, I have neer seen that dish. It does look more interesting than the usual beef stew. (Although I do love the taste of the cantonese version too!)

Great value for the duck! Youd be hard pressed to buy a duck for that price in Australia, let alone one that was done two ways for you. Its usually handed over in a plastic take away container!


Nice pictures, roasted peking duck is my all time favorite. Back in the day it used to be wrapped in an asian flour tortila now its this bloated steam bun that hides the ducks' fatty flavor.YUM


Hi Ben - 10 years! I don't think I can go 10 months without it......

Hi DCCF - I think I know the punchline...pork fat rules.....

Hi Jeni - LOL! Didn'y you know that Botox for Poultry is the latest thing??? ;o)

Hi Mizducky - Stay away from the lunch menu, and splurge. Maybe Howie and I will tag along to help...hehehe

Hi Elmo - This ain't no Lu Din Gee....

Hi Capt Jack - It's GuangDong/Cantonese/HK - style.

Hi GT - Not on par with any of the "big 3", but a notch below, in terms of price and quality. But still pretty good grindz.

Hi Trent - My that's loaded question, because everyone has their favorite. We like China Max the best. Many people I know like Jasmine. Funny, many of the people I know who like Jasmine, don't like Emerald, and visa it Peking Duck polarization!

Hi Candice - We think it's Jicama, because the flavor was much sweeter than water chestnut, and the texture a bit different as well.(It's also much cheaper....)

Hi Fred - Golden City kept the previous Ownership's lunch menu, that is meant to feed the office crowd. You can ask for the Dinner menu at lunch as well - even if you just want to check it out.

Hi RONW - Thanks for the offer - so long you have the first bite!

Hi Jim - Call it Torquemada duck ("Let's face it - you can't Torquemada anything!").

Hi Rachel - I think it's just some HK-Chefs rendition of what he thinks ChiuChow Beef Stew should be - it was quite good. $18, for Peking Duck 2 ways is pretty cheap.

Hi nhbilly - Actually that's the way the Missus prefers them as well - having eaten them in Beijing.



Those two dishes are my two favorite poultry dishes in Chinese cuisine. It looks like the restaurant does a fairly good job with them. I'm with your wife on preferring duck skin without the fat. A well-roasted Peking duck should have little fat left in the skin, and the skin itself should be crispy and practically melt away in you mouth as you eat it. Roast duck is a different story, and should definitely have fat on the skin. Love that duck fat.

- Chubbypanda


Hi Cp - I guess what I'm trying to say without some fat(I know most of it has rendered off) and a bit of moistness, you'll have a brittle skin cracker, and good flavor but dry and listless without any richness what so ever...not good eats. At least to me. Try Lu Din Gee if you haven't yet, and you'll see what I mean.

Andy 食神

Ok Kirk, from the first Golden City post, I thought this place might be offshoot of 避風塘 (P:bi feng tang) in MP, RH, and Arcadia.

Now seeing the Gwai Fei Gai 貴妃雞 (P:gui fei ji) and the Chaozhu beef stew, those are exact items they have in the Monterey Park store (on Garvey and Chandler) served in the exact heated chafing dishes, I am 100% certain this is the same owner/offshoot.

Do they serve a garlic deep fried crab that is covered in mounds and mounds of fried minced garlic? That is the signature dish at the LA stores.


Wow Andy - That's some detective work! I think we gotta find that crab dish, that sounds great....Now if I can only find some good Dao Ko Chicken in San Diego!


Found your site when looking for local Chinese food recommendations.

We just went to Golden City & loved it. We also got the Peking Duck and found it really freaking good.


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