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Wednesday, 23 August 2006



yaay first to post!! I have never tried duck with chive soup although I have tired something similar (probably szechuan origin) of duck in hot and sour soup also chock full of vegetables and a rich broth. Hopefully you'll be able to find a good place with duck and chive and I can have a peek at what its like!

That crab dish sounds divine! I know in HK and China, there are lots of exotic seafood dishes like that but when visiting there it has always been a case of "food overload" too much things to try in too short a time! Hopefully I can look for something like that sometime.

Glad you found a place that does good lamb! Hang on to it :) Can't wait to see what your part II brings.


I met the owner at the old Convoy location, and found him quite likeable. That's too bad to hear that he moved on, hopefully for the better. Thanks for the good news about the upswing in the food quality, though. Time to go back!

Green Turtle

I went a few weeks ago Sunday during lunch and found that they no longer served their special late night menu as they used to under the previous ownership. You can only order off the regular dinner menu now for lunch on weekends (they do have a lunch menu on weekdays that caters to the office crowd). But from your post, it sounds like the best time to go is in the evenings anyways.

Btw, I used my Silver Ark Peet's GC, their coffee is good, better than Starbux. Thanks!


Wow, all of the dishes you got sound wonderful! Especially the crab dish. I've never tried a dish like that before.

Andy (食神)

that crab dish looks awesome. It seems such an HK style dish.


Well that went as well as can be expected. Overall it sounds like it is a markedly improved from the old Golden City.



Steamed seafood dishes are notoriously difficult to pull of in Chinese cuiside. If they managed to impress you that much, they're definitely worth a few more tastings. Look forward to reading more!

- Chubbypanda

Passionate Eater

I am sorry to hear that you are recovering from a cold. I hope that you feel better soon Kirk!


I hope your cold get over quickly! :) But in the meantime...that plate of sizzling lamb chops look like they could heal anything!


Hi Rachel - Part 2 should be coming up tonight.

Hi Trent - I used to chat with the former owners alot too, esp while waiting for my take-out, at both locations. Too bad they couldn't make a go of it.

Hi GT - Funny, we were told that they have the same late night specials.....go figure, things change so quickly! I'm glad you're enjoying your Peet's.

Hi Howie - I loved the rice, but it was soooo rich and filling.

Hi Andy - We enjoyed the presentation, and boy did it smell sooo good.

Hi Elmo - The food has been brought up a notch.

Hi CP - Yes, steaming multiple items requires good skill, experience, and timing. Though the crab was slightly overcooked, the flavors were very good.

Hi PE - I'm just now recovering, I also had a busy week at work....

Hi Kathy - Yep, some good "Hot" (as in Ying/Yang) should help me get over this virus.

Andy 食神

Looking at the posters they used for the food on the walls, they appears as the same style used in 避風塘 Seafood Village (and their two other related restaurants in Rowland Heights and Arcadia) in Monterey Park. I wonder if there is any connection.


Hi Andy - Hmmm, interesting.....


This is very cool Kirk! Seems (at least at one point) you and GC was like me and Sakura! haha.


Hi Dennis - Nothing is like you and Sakura... nothing! ;o)

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