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Thursday, 03 August 2006



Hey Jack - Hope all is well. You gotta just check out these places, once in a while you get something really good - not this time, though.

Andy (食神)

i went there about a year or two ago... because it looked cool from the outside and when you pass by it at night, there's all these ppl on the patio drinking. What I remember from the visit was that we went for a 7 oclockish dinner on a sunday and it was not very busy at all and we went inside we thought,..." hmm... looks like they got a bunch of their friends together one weekend and built a patio inside the store space."

The food wasn't that great... theere's better in Rowland Heights...

what I remember clearly is that the table we sat at was very awkward. the tables are built into the wall, so they are fixed. the benches you sit on are built into the ground and wall so they are fixed too. What was weird was that one side of hte table was strangely far away from the seat. After sitting down on the edge of the bench, the table was still almost a foot form your body. This is ok if you're Plastic Man or Inspector Gadget, who can stretch their arms, but our arms weren't engineered to elongate. After a while we gave up and both of us just sat on the closer side of the table.


Hi Andy - Maybe they didn't want anyone stealing their benches??? ;o)


6 months later, the service is still abominable. they apologized, but hey, i was "this close" to busting out the "AJIMA"!

i like the dirty rustic country look. i like the pictures of country ladies on the wall. we had a great time and a great bargain. extremely fatty, thick cuts of sam gyup ssal coupled with a ass-kicking kimchi jigae (w/ tofu? and jalapenos? wtf?). everything showed up bloody red, including the kimchi. $27++ total damage.

thanks for giving a name to this place i just remembered as "the one next to pho convoy".


Hi TonyC - LOL! Ajima...I don't rememeber the last time I heard that...gotta watch out though, sometimes the "Ajima" can be a pretty tough customer!


Hi Kirk! I finally tried Friend's House today because it TOTALLY was one of those places I passed frequently and never went in. My husband and I decided to give their lunch special a try hoping it would give us some idea of what their food was like without having to pay dinner prices. We ordered the bulgogi and seafood udon. The bulgogi must have gotten better since your last visit because we found it to be more flavorful and tender. Fortunately, it even looks tastier than the bulgogi in your pictures which I found to have a grayish tint to the meat. Bleh! But the important thing is, the meat was good for the price. The seafood udon was also plentiful with a variety of seafood (crab, clam, squid, octopus, shrimp). It was spicy and the broth was thick. It reminded me of "champong", the spicy noodles they sell at Chinese/Korean restaurants that also sell "jajangmyun". The only difference with this dish is that the noodles are udon noodles. Something I found really funny and quite sad is that when I first walked in, I found the service to be typical...non existent that is! This is probably due to the fact that I am Korean and my husband is Caucasian. Whenever I go to Korean restaurants with him, people kind of assume that I'm not Korean and I don't speak the language. It's amazing how restaurant service changes when I break out my Korean. Friend's House was no different. When we first walked in, we were given our menus with the typical lack of warmth usually experienced in Korean restaurants. Through the course of the meal, I decided to ham it up a bit with the waiter. Towards the end of the meal, the guy was quite chummy with us and even said that if we came in next time, he would "hook it up." Geez! Hopefully, they can learn to be nicer to all their patrons regardless of whether they speak the language or not. Sad to say, this is the situation at most Korean restaurants and also what leads my husband to tell me to speak Korean as soon as we walk in so that he can get more than one cup of water during his meal.


Hi Hannah - Wow, thanks for such a comprehensive comment! You know, we've gotten some really friendly and warm service from several Korean Restaurants in the area, Arirang and Buga kind of stand out, but then again, we've had some very terrible service in LA. It seemed at Friend's House that they couldn't wait to get rid of me... BTW, how was the panchan?


I found the panchan to be mediocre. In fact, I didn't ask for second helpings of any of them. One of the factors that help me determine the status of a Korean restaurant is the kimchee and the one here tasted like store bought kimchee that had been sitting in their fridge for a good amount of time. While I enjoy a certain level of sourness to the kimchee, it was almost too much. I haven't been to very many Korean restaurants in SD but Buga's panchan definitely sticks out as one of the tastiest. Clean tasting with lots of flavor...if that makes any sense. Thanks for replying to my looong post!


Hi Hannah - That's the one thing that really stuck with me...the Baechu Kimchi tasted really sour, almost spoiled...even worse than store bought.

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