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Thursday, 03 August 2006



Real bummer Kirk. I sometimes wonder why people open bad restaurants? Are they just opening a shop to make some quick money and therefore don't care about their food? I wish people took pride in the food they made... oh well... just a rant.


I ate there about a year ago... the service wasn't scatterbrained then--it was simply nonexistant. i think i had a super bland bibimbap and less panchan than you. you got lucky, it seems.


Hey Kirk!

That plate does remind me of my Hello Kitty playsets - not too long ago! lol. Sorry the food wasn't very good, but you definitely deserve credit for venturing in! A true blogger :)


LOl love the comment about the childrens food platters. I had one just like you described, with a cartoon on the bottom (so you could encourage kids to finish their meal and uncovre the picture) Interesting comment about how you can be dissapointed if you had no expectations .... its definitely deep and something to ponder ... I guess you're right it is possible just a front. Or scarier yet, it could be someone who thinks they can cook.

Captain Jack

I like the Intro to this post alot. The empowered by Typepad, Superfoodie part made me laugh.


Hmm... that soup looks like dishwater.


I eat there every once in a while. The things to get there are either the jab chae (which tastes like jab chae from everywhere else) or the spicy barbecued chicken. They are not the best, but they do taste pretty good.

ed (from yuma)

Your comment about a front for the Yakuza reminded me of when I lived in Columbus and was trying all the pizza places close by. One day I called Ace Pizza and ordered a pizza for pickup. When I got there, the small space had 5 or 6 guys wearing suits just sortof standing around. Nobody eating anything. I got my pizza, brought it home, and it was the WORST pizza I ever ate. But somehow I think that pizza was not the main business at Ace.


Hey Kirk,

How offen does the Missus wrinkle her nose and say "yuck?"


Oh god, I'm having flashbacks of In Living Color's "Snack'n Shack" skits ! (For those of you not in the know, the fictional restaurant would give even the hardest greasy-spoon fans nightmares, to say the least.)


Hi Kirk,
I'm new to this whole food blog thing, but I wanted to tell you that I've really enjoyed your site for a long time now! I especially love all your pictures and types of places you go to! I hope you can come visit my site sometime. Keep up all the awesome work!

Passionate Eater

Dang, if the Missus says "Yuck," then throw that out in the trash! Don't even give it to the Boyz! Also, that is crazy-weird that you asked for the check and they brought you soup. That is some weirdo topsy-turvy crap goin' on. If you asked for the soup, would they bring you the check or the bathroom key?


Hi Ted - No problem, I feel the same sometimes as well.

Hi CSB - Well if this is "lucky".....

Hi Kathy - Well.....I always kept walking and driving past the place, so I had to finally give it a go.

Hi Rachel - Well if it's terrible, it's terrible......

Hi Captain Jack - It's true though, isn't it? ;o)

Hi Howie - Almost thought it was a "fingerbowl".

Hi Fred - Thanks, I don't think I'll go back, but I'm sure that someone will check it out.

Hi Ed - That is funny! I'll tell you the "barbershop story" one of these days.

Hi Jim - At food....not very often.

Hi Ed - Ugh.....I think I'll skip dinner tonight. LOL!

Hi Janice - Thanks for visiting and commenting. I do like your site, and will create a link when I have a chance.

Hi PE - I would be afraid if I ever asked for anything in a restaurant, and got the bathroom key.....;o) BTW, I think Da' Boyz wouldn't even eat it.



Do you really remember those skits?

Waitress/owner: You guys seem so fancy. What are you?

Customer: Well, we're orthodontists.

Waitress: Well, that ain't nothing to be ashamed of. Of course, I'm a Baptist myself. But I heard you guys give a good service.

LOL indeed!


Hi Ed - Vaguely....In Living Color had some great lines - "Why don't you go outside and be the victim of a drive-by shooting?"



That is really sad, that the food was so bad! I agree with Howie the soup does like dish water. I liked this post though; it was very well written. :)


Hi Mills - Well, I'm really glad I didn't have the soup!


I just had bulgogi for the first time a few months ago at Kaisen (I will post about it eventually but I always forget to take pics..if you're ever up in my area we should go!). Anyway, it's so good! I couldn't believe how tender the beef gets. I'm so sorry yours wasn't good. Tough beef is nasty.


Hi Kady - Finally had Bulgogi? It's good stuff, isn't it?


This post is a great example of how cool your blog is. You go to the places many of us drive by wondering "Hmmm, I wonder...." Too bad it wasn't a more positive experience.

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