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Sunday, 27 August 2006



Hi Kristy - Yes, indeed, strange fruit.

Hi Sarah - Unfortunately, your description is much more exciting than the flavor of the Dragonfruit. Still, it's worth trying.


Oh, I love reading about new fruits! Thanks for the tip.


Hi Kady - Pretty cool looking fruit, huh? Too bad it doesn't taste quite as good as it looks, but it's great to try at least once.....


Hello. My name is aimee, and i go to cottenham village college. Im doing an ict thing for ict, its about five a day and i would like to use an image of the dragon fruit sliced in half, would this be okay? please can you email me thankyou!!!
yours scincerley


Hi Aimee - I emailed you the photos. Let me know if you don't recieve them. Good Luck!

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