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Sunday, 27 August 2006


Passionate Eater

That is one exotic looking fruit Kirk! But not as bad looking as durian. Kinda reminds me of those wafer thin rice crackers with black sesame seeds baked within them. I think. Not sure if I am just making that up in my head.


i haven't had it in a long time but think the ones i used to eat were very fragrant, almost like eating a rose...they're softly sweet and the little seeds kinda pop in that fun way like when you eat tobiko on sushi. the fruit from cacti are the same, as well as teh fruit from epiphilium plants.


best way to eat that is peel the skin dice it in small chunk sprinkle it lightly with sugar and mix with crush ice...yum!

eating plain is just to bland for my taste buds.


There's another kind of these, the outside looks the same but the flesh inside, instead of being white, is shocking pink, like the color of the skin! Adds an interesting color to boring fruit salad, I guess.


Hi Kirk
I actually bought a "dragon fruit drink" out of curiosity at the market behind Pho Ca Dao (on University (I forget the name). The drink itself was cloudy with black seeds floating in it. It was kind of thick too. I couldn't bring myself to drink more than one or two sips. It didn't look too appetizing and I didn't care too much for the taste.

Recently, I also bought durian popsicles for fun from 99 Ranch. I figured, $1.99 for a box of 4, why not? Well, I had a bite of it and tried to "savor" the unique durian flavor. It was the worst, most vile tasting thing I'd ever had. I ended up spitting it out and wanting to scrape my tongue (but I didn't!). It smelled and tasted like rotten onions. Ugh! My 5 year old daughter didn't like it either.

Have you ever tried durian?


dragonfruit drink sounds tasty... but not as tasty as basil seed drink. has anyone ever found that in an SD viet restaraunt?


Heh, it's Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors!


Hi Kirk - These are cool looking but disappointing flavor-wise. Very watery. Have you ever had a mangosteen? Best fruit ever!!!


i like that fruit a lot. where did you buy it in sd?


I agree with Candice, they look pretty but there isn't much flavor.


Something popular about Durian, either You really love it or hate it!
I found durian to be tasty! However since it's hard,(eg. expensive in the US) I never bought one.


We had this in Vietnam! At least it looks very similar. It was mild tasting and served at almost every hotel breakfast. Huh. I had no idea you could find it here.

j. Chang

I haven't been able to read through all the entries yet, but have you checked out ca dau in mira mesa?

it's on mira mesa blvd and camino ruiz. good service, very friendly people, clean and spacious, and the food is pretty tasty!


Fresh durian is not one of my favorites, but I can handle durian ice cream...

Candice, I wholeheartedly agree, mangosteen is really delicious. If we could somehow find a faithful supplier of mangosteen, lychee, and langsat/lansones, I'd just want to eat fruit all the time...


Clarification...I knew what I was in for when I bought the durian popsicles. I just figured it couldn't taste THAT bad, but my gosh, it DID!


Hey Kirk,

I'm having your stone India Pale ale(10% alcohol), not even half way done and boy is it kicking in! Thanks!



glad to hear that you're feeling better and having fun with exotic fruits! that looks absolutely gorgeous on the outside. I've never had dragon fruit but now you've got me curious.

And the whole durian popsicle thing: My husband and I tried it and only mangaged to eat one. Very foul. I finally threw the rest of them out when I figured out they were making my freezer smell. = )


Hi PE - They are kinda cool looking aren't they?

Hi Anna - The Missus enjoyed these more than the prickly pear she had a few months back.

Hi nhbilly - Thanks for the tip.

Hi Hungry - I heard that another type of these is completely yellow on the outside as well.

Hi Reynila - I've had Durian, other than the smell, I really didn't think much of it. I do enjoy Durian Ice Cream - but those bars smell really bad.

Hi CSB - Try:

Song Huong Food to Go
4650 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115

Hi Jack - "Feed Me Leroy....Feed Me!" Heh, LOL!

Hi Candice - I've had fresh Mangosteen, which is way different from the canned and frozen ones. It's really hard to get fresh Mangosteen because of FDA importation regulations - I've never seen fresh Mangosteen in San Diego.

Hi Selina - Sorry to say, it was from a friend's Mom's yard. That said, you might be able to grow them here!

Hi SK - But it's great to try them at least once, right?

Hi Daniel - Yes, Durian seems to be a polarizing fruit....

Hi logovo - You know, I'd never seen it before...pretty cool looking. And apparently you can grow them here.....

Hi JChang - Welcome, and thanks for commenting. I've been to Pho Ca Dao on Mira Mesa, but not for about 2 years or so. I've been to the ECB location of Pho Ca Dao several times, and think the Pho and the Bun Bo Hue are pretty good.

Hi Ed - Don't know about getting fresh Mangosteen, last time I had them, they were sold at the Torrance Farmer's Market, haven't seen them since. Regarding Lychee, we've been finding that over the last 2 years, the quality of lychee being sold is getting better. In fact some of them have not been "frozen" before hitting the market. You can tell by the "press" test. I do miss the lychee that used to grow in my neighbor's front yard back home in Hawaii.

Hi John - Better stop at one!

Hi Lynnea - You should try Durian Ice Cream when you have a chance. It's pretty good.


Hey Kirk! Yeah, these fruits are crazy different! I remember the first time I saw and tasted one of these babies. Not one of my favorites, I must say. But then again, I'm not a big fan of kiwi either. ;)


oh WOW. that is gorgeous. it kind of looks like a tiny poppyseed ice cream and berry gelato bombe. :)

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