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Friday, 18 August 2006


ed (from Yuma)

Wow! Looks good. Another find.

What is the reddish brown veggie (?) herb (?) to the left of the duck in the first picture of the food. It was one of the mystery condiments that came with the bun bo hue at Thien Thanh.

Looks like I even get first comment. Pays to be up at 6 AM.

Passionate Eater

I'm sure that the Vietnamese mother loved you Kirk! And after your diverse eating habits, I know you've turned multilingual! I'm ethnically Vietnamese, and I can't even pronounce "pho" correctly!


Hi Ed - That's banana blossom. They must've really liked you at Thien Thanh - I was just looking over my photos of the Bun Bo Hue I had there, and they didn't provide me with banana blossom.

Hi PE - I think She just wanted to be sure that I ate it correctly. The Missus and I have a little joke, that I'm linguistically hopeless, except for food..... ;o)


This is an awesome post Kirk! I love finding places like this to eat at, but it is harder now that a lot of my friends have moved away. I have to search them out myself, and it is hard enough as it is! I have never eaten banana blossoms before; what do they taste like?


Kirk, was the banana blossom blanched?

Anyway, milgwimper, banana blossom tastes like a mix between cabbage and artichoke to me. My relatives' version of kare-kare often has banana blossom in it.


Hi Mills - The banana blossom has a slightly woody flavor, and tends to be on the astringent side.

Hi Ed - In Vietnamese cuisine, the banana blossom usually isn't blanched, it is usually just rinsed in cold water, or presliced and kept in water with lime, or something similiar to prevent browning. So the flavor profile is much different, you can really tell old banana blossom; the older it is, the more bitter the flavor.


Does banana blossom really add to the flavour? Hehe I have learnt so much about vietnamese cuisine from you kirk... I love pho and the vermicelli with spring rolls in it but that was my extent of knowledge of vietnamese food before I started reading your blog!


Hi Rachel - I think it's more of a texture thing. One really funny thing is...if you mix all the veggies together, than pour the nuoc mam cham over it, it tastes pretty good too!


Wow, this place is right in my neighborhood! I really would like to know what some of the other dishes are.
Did the family give you any idea about the other offerings? Are they all soups?
Inquiring minds would like to know.


Hi EJ - Sorry I missed your comment. Most of the Vietnamese items are soups. Chao is porridge, Banh Canh is a type of noodle soup. I'll ask to see what other items are served the next time I visit.


Wow, Kirk.
Looks really good and sounds delicious. I'm going to check this place out.
You are always adventurous and finding treasures. Sounds like this one is a keeper. Thanks.


Hi Didi - Funny thing, I think the food tasted better when I did take-out! Interesting little place, good prices as well.


Hey Kirk, this is the young man that served you at the counter. My family would like to thank you for posting tis blogger. You are always welcome at our resturant!


Hi Nhan - Why, thanks so much! I've been back once or twice, and always enjoy the food at your family's restaurant. Please send my regards to your Mom as well!

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