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Wednesday, 16 August 2006



Wow, the anticipation!!!! Great prices. Hopefully great taste as well. Under the Chow Mein section of the menu, it says ".... cw crispy noodles". Wondering if you finally found your "cake noodles".


you had me at chop suey. i remember that place being there when i was a kid! but have never ventured inside. those old school cantonese eateries are becoming extinct. i can only think of one left in s.d. pretty soon i'll have to go to king wah chop suey in kaneohe to get cantonese.


OOooh.... I'm a little scared about what's to come out of that little hole!! Hopefully some good surprises! I've never seen anything like that before, and I've been to a LOT of places!


You have me intrigued! Now I'll have to check back every five minutes until you post! Lol :)


Oh, leaving me hanging! I'll be back to find out what happened.

Alice Q. Foodie

Hi Kirk - I went to Ba Ren the other day (we picked up takeout) and I wrote it up on my blog. I really liked the cold szechuan noodles and the rice cake dish - but the other two were a little too incendiary - I do want to try it again though!


Man, it used to cost $2.50 for three items...back in 1980...darned inflation. It was also only take out then...I wonder where they put any tables.


Hi Lance - Didn't have a chance to try the Chinese Food here yet - you have really keen eyes!

Hi Toisan - Well it's not really a Chinese Restaurant per se anymore. BTW, it's Kin Wah, and it's really good, isn't it? I've got good friends who live on the Windward side, and we eat there when I'm home - though I'm partial to McCully Chop Suey....for purely sentimental reasons.

Hi Janice - Well, this was a first for me as well. An honest to goodness Hole-in-the-Wall!

Hi Kathy - It's not what you think!

Hi Kady - Well, I hope it's worth the suspense. I had to stop my post; I've got a terrible case of conjunctivitis that is going to take a few days to run it's course.

Hi Alice Q - You shoula emailed me (or even Howie) and we would've been glad to make some recommendations.

Hi Cathy - $2.50! Talk about inflation. You'll have to drop by and see how they've managed to squeeze a few tables in there.

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