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Sunday, 13 August 2006


Passionate Eater

Glad to see that you've resolved your internet issues Kirk! Thanks for the trip back to New Orleans! I like that you ordered the 3-in-1 dish--I like ordering those dishes too. That way, I get to taste a bit of everything, and so that you know what to order next time! Wow, I also like that you ordered a sandwich for an appetizer. That was smart (and tasty from the sounds of it)!


I'm going to have to try their shrimp po' boy. Thanks for writing about this place..didn't know it existed. Supposedly there's a used cookbook store on Kettner too so maybe I'll make a trip out of it.


Hooray! Glad to see you reviewed Bud's. It's where I go to get my Nawlins cravings taken care of. The gumbo and fried oyster po' boy are definitely my favorites.


We love Bud's! I could have a plate full of muffins and butter for dinner and be completely happy, although a cup of gumbo with the muffins would be perfect. Love the bread pudding, when I am in a dessert mood but really love it when they have crawfish by the pound.

ed (from Yuma)

Yum. Makes me HUNNGGRY!


Hey Kirk,

Wow, talk about a twist of fate. My wife has been bugging me to go to Song Huong for a sandwich, and I, after reading Jack’s review on Alex’s Brown Bag on Saturday…we decided to go to both. First we went to Song Huong (to make her happy), and then on to Alex’s (which was closed!). I should have called first. The wife was full and I was still empty…so on to Buds. I also had the Cupa, Cupa, Cupa. The hot sauce saved the Jambalaya for me. Those muffins, yes they are good! We took the roast beef Po Boy to go for the daughter...she thought it was great.

Captain Jack

Hi Kirk,
Man, I can't believe I havn't been to Bud's. I have been getting my oyster Po-boys at Mardi Gras Cafe on Midway. Gotta give Bub's a try

Hey Jim,
Sorry about Alex's, I will add their hours to the bottom of the review.


The food is killing me Kirk! I love Nawlin style food, and my fav being red beans and rice. Although the best red beans and rice I have ever eaten was made in South Korea in a restaurant called Mardi Gra. The food there was excellent, and not Koreanized. *sigh* but the last time I went there they were closed. :(


Hi Kirk!
Thanks for linking me! That po' boy looked so good. I love fried seafood on sandwiches! Do they have clam po' boys too? Yum... I wish there was good Southern food close to where I live, but alas, West LA is just not the place for diverse regional/ethnic eats.


I'm droolin'! I miss my Papadeaux (sp?) restaurant in Texas!!!


Hi PE - Thanks, you're always so kind and gracious with your words. Happy belated B-Day as well!

Hi Kady - Sounds like a nice plan. I hope you enjoy Bud's.

Hi Habenero - Don't know what took me so long.....that Gumbo is good stuff.

Hi Jack - Don't tell the Missus 'bout the crawfish by the pound....we'll be camping out the front door!

Hi Ed - Just replying to these comments is making my stomach growl.

Hi Jim - You aren't the first. Cathy and I have just missed each other at several restaurants....She thinks I'm stalking Her!

Hi Captain Jack - I think you'll need a coupla' Po' Boys just to get you going!

Hi Mills - Cajun in South Korea! That sounds pretty interesting. Hope all is going well on your trip.

Hi Janice - I'm enjoying your blog. Sorry no Clam Po' Boys, but there an Oyster "Rich Girl", which is bacon wrapped oysters, that are breaded and deep fried....too much, even for me!

Hi Jean - Knowing the great cook you are; you'll just whip up some Gumbo in no time! ;o)


Hi Kirk,
glad you got to review Bud's.
Love the food there. Been going for a couple of years.
I never thought to get the sandwich as appetizer. Gotta have the Turbo Dog to go along with the Cupa Cupa Cupa. Really like the muffins.

A bit better than Mardi Gras, though, the Shrimp etouffe there is very good.



po boys and jalapeno corn muffins and gumbo... that sounds perfect

i need to find a good cajun place near san dimas..... you'd think it'd be easy, but for some reason.. it ain't...


Hi Didi - I really don't get to Bud's as often as I should.

Hi DCCF - 'Bout as good as it gets! Gotta have somethin' in your neck of the woods. Though I don't remember seeing any Cajun/Creole in the SGV....other than a really terrible place that used to be where Joe's Crab Shack is in the Puente Hills Mall parking lot.



Heyla I am back, and trying to piece together everything I did there without boring everyone...Well trying to anyways! ;P :)

Yeah, it was a shocker when we found really good cajun food in South Korea, and I had even gone to Lousiana before then.


During crawfish season (I think it starts in Jan) they'll get fresh crawfish from NO every week or so. Yum.


Hi Mills - Well, welcome back - we've missed you!

Hi Jack - I'll have to keep tabs on that, thanks for the info!


Hi All,
I lived in N.O. for about ten years, and haven't found anything really adequate in S.D. The local Cajun-style restaurants are spiced-down. The andouille at Henry's and Whole Foods is weak. Vien Dong's is not bad, (and they have Tony Chachere's, Crystal, and Zatarain's Crab Boil). But the crawfish we sporadically see are long-gone. Does anyone on the forum have any recommendations?


Hi Trent - I can understand. I lived in Hawaii for 30+ years, and can't find good Poke in San Diego.


Thank you for the reminder that this place exists! I had left it out of my going out options just because of where it is located.

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