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Monday, 07 August 2006



Oh man, sounds like this isn't gonna be good. We have gone there a few times and it seems more "home made"...the dumplings in hot sauce and House Special tofu anyhow...perhaps from a scary, dirty home...but home made nevertheless....

Captain Jack

Jeez Kirk,
Think you ordered enough food? 8 items, holy cow! Nice little snack to tide you over huh?

Captain Jack

Jeez Kirk,
Think you ordered enough food? 8 items, holy cow! Nice little snack to tide you over huh?


That's a lot of food. Is that just from one visit?!


I've always found their stinky tofu to be lacking in stink and complexity of flavor. I haven't come across anywhere in the area with the intense sewage smell that's indicative of good stinky tofu.



I love your blog and reference it often! Thank you for your finds and opinions!

Anyway, I am cannot wait for your review. On July 28th I took a Great News cooking school tour through 99 Market and then to Dim Sum at Jasmine. Anway, I asked the tour guide about 168 at 99 and she said she never sees anyone in it--as was true that day. So, can't wait to hear!

Cheers, FF


I remember eating here with a good friend about 2 years ago. The food was not good and the bathroom was filthy and disgusting. My daughter then asked me what the "C" rating meant. Scary!!!


168 is one of the restaurant which helps most post-docs (including myself) to survive in SD because it is open till 12pm and close to TSRI, cheap and wuite good. Normally it is crowded around 10pm-11.45pm most evenings. It still go there from time to time and though it is not the best food in SD I like it (but by experience from your food blog I expect that you won't like it too much)


I really like your blog - it's like Asian Zagat for SD. How do you order so much food all the time??


Hi Cathy - As usual, you hit it right on the nose....

Hi Captain Jack - Just enough to tide me over! LOL!

Hi Kady - Nope, two visits, actually.

Hi Liverbomb - You are so right. Talk about tame stinky tofu, something is just wrong about that! We haven't encountered any good Cho Dofu in San Diego.

Hi FoodieFriday - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! There are usually a few people eating there in the early evening. But the place really gets bust after 8pm, since they are open quite late.

Hi 26chickeys - Yes, for the uninitiated the sticky tables, and the somewhat untidy surroundings can be scary. I haven't been in the restrooms, but I can imagine. BTW, when we lived in LA we used to say 'B' meant Better, and 'C' meant Chinese eat here.....

Hi Honkman - Well you never know....I've eaten here quite a few times, and it is what it is. I don't mind the food at all. Am I that much of a picky eater?

Hi Selina - Welcome and thanks for commenting! Sometimes we make several visits over the course of weeks(even months), and I do partial draft posts for my notes. I have a pretty good food memory...though I can never remember where I park my car. Pretty weird, I know.....


hehe those ppl who commented on "all that food" obviously haven't read your blog for very long!

I like how you blog about these interesting hole in the wall places that have gems amidst all their nondescript food. I think you were very brave to have eaten the oyster noodles despite your description of the oysters and bamboo shoots in them! :)


Hi Rachel - Yes, you're right....he-he-he! I really enjoyed the broth and the noodles, but those oysters were a disaster waiting to happen.


There have been many a late night I have spent at 168 after working late at the lab. It's been years though since I have last been there. The glutinous rice looks interesting.


My martial arts group likes to eat there after class because it's one of very few places open in the area after 10pm. I don't think the food is that great, personally, and the dirtiness is kind of scary.

I do like the Chinese Green Onion Pancakes there, though.

By the way I dropped by Sammy's Sushi for lunch today. Pretty good sushi, and I want to go back for dinner one of these days and meet Sam.


Hi Jack - We'll they are still there.....

Hi Fred - I don't think the food is great, but it's not as bad as some will say it is. But I'm sure the somewhat unsavory conditions affect the basic opinion of the restaurant.
So Sam wasn't working today? Hmmm, I though He works every shift, every day.

Andy 食神

I went there about two years ago. I've got pretty much the same assessment. I've yet to find any desire to come back.



When we noticed a bug (it looked like a fly) in the dish, we called the
owner over to see it. She stood there looking at us for a few seconds,
without saying a word and just left. No replacement of the dish.
Not even an apology!! When we refused to pay for the dish, she gave
us the money back with a nasty face. Still, no apology. Even though the food wasn't good and one of the dish had a bug inside, we still left tips. Shortly after we left the restaurant, she came after us, told us "You people don't pay for the food you eat?" (she said it in very rude taiwanese). We were all confused until she told us we
did not pay for an appetizer which was only $2.50. We told her it is their mistake that they forgot to include that on the bill. And she replied that it is customer's job to go through the bill and point out anything missing. She then took the $3 we gave her, without giving us changes back, without a word, and just left. This is just an awful experience for us. The food tasted just OK, though high priced for he quality and definitely horrible customer service. After talking about this incident with friends, it turned out that we are not the only ones who found bugs in the dish and greeted with poor service. You might want to think twice before your visit.

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