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Tuesday, 18 July 2006



haha...I'm not into the thick cilantro twigs either! Baaaah!

Green Turtle

Not related directly to Song Huong, but I noticed a change of ownership notice sign in the window of Golden City. When that acquisition is complete, another review may be in order. Perhaps the new buyer is that poster who inquired about that location on here a couple of months ago.

Jeffrey C

Hey Kirk,
I'm impressed by your knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine. I love Banh Mi and always on the lookout for the ultimate sandwich. I used to be quite impressed with Mr. Baguette and Mr. Lee's but after having an authentic Mom and Pop food store, I know that I'll probably always be searching for those little food stores for these gems of baked goodness.
My brother introduced me to the cracked rice specialties at a restaurant in Garden Grove on Brookhurst. Similar to the cantonese style clay pot rice dishes that my father ( a Hong Konger) loves to cook when he's feeling he needs some comfort food. Anything that you haven't tried, that you want to? I've been perusing Noodlepie's blog and it seems like Vietnamese street food looks great.


Hi Jeni - Thanks....makes me feel a bit more "normal". When I mention the cilantro stems, people give me this really weird look......

Hi Green Turtle - Always on top of it! I'll check it out soon.

Hi Jeffrey - Hope things aren't too hot in your neck of the woods. There are many dishes that I'd love to try...and probably twice as many that I've never heard of, and will want to try in the future......


LOL Kirk, I am one or rather used to be one (since I don't live in banh mi city anymore) just like Ed from yuma and loved to happily much on banh mi (at 7 am inthe morning, the bread just out of the oven) in the car on the way to uni.

mmmm drool I so miss vietnamese food. I am so surprised (read: jealous) by the variety over there in the US. Over in Sydney, it is either cold pork, chicken or just the salads. I am told in melbourne they have the grilled meat variety but this rumour has yet to be checked out :D


Hi Rachel - My only question is "how do you handle all those crumbs?" Some of these little shops get quite creative with their sandwiches

ed (from yuma)

You're right. No matter how tasty it is, it's never good to have food that brings tears to your eyes while driving.

Haven't tried the other stuff there yet, but would happily have the banh mi there again. There was no mayo on mine.

By lean pork sausage, do you mean that pale colored slice of pork loaf peering up out of the right side of your bowl of soup? If so it is also in the bun bo hue at Thanh Thiet.


Hi Ed - Yes, the Gio Lua is the lean pork sausage - it's in both the Bun Bo Hue, and the Bun Rieu at Thien Thanh.


Hi Kirk,
Nice looking Banh Mi Dac Biet. Have you ever tried one at Sau Voi Deli? That is where I usually get mine and I am curious what you think of them.


Hi Captain Jack - That would be the one in the 99 Ranch Market Food Court, right? I haven't had a Banh Mi from there in I guess I'll need to have one soon, huh?


That is the one and if you do try one e-mail me and let me know what you think.


Hi CJ - I will.....find some way to let you know!


We don't have jalapenos much here in Aus, apart from subway. (We need to educate these aussies) I always get extra jalapenos when in subway, but the banh mi places in aus will offer sliced red chilli which goes so well too!

Anyway, the cumbs ... well I used to have a weekly cumb vacuum of the car... i considered getting a japenese invention, a giant bib that you could sticky tape onto the dashboard under the steering wheel, however, I thought i would get too many strange looks. Good vietnamese rolls are always crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside hence, good question kirk ... the crumbs do get EVERYWHERE! Magic would somtimes help hoover them up for me ;)


Hi Rachel - I use the "Magic Hoover" technique! ;o) I gotta find me that bib......


There's nothing better than cheap and trustworthy Vietnamese food! I really wish I lived in that area! I'm dying to try some banh mi's!


Hi Kady - It's really hard to complain about a $2 Banh Mi....


I tried banh cuon, and it wa by far the best.

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