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Monday, 17 July 2006



Wow! Now that's a lot of food. I have a friend who tried Brazilian BBQ up here in LA, and he said it was an amazing experience. And for $13, it seems like a really good deal, assuming you got stuffed silly... which it looks like you did lol.

Jed Sundwall

A. It's probably Tiago.

B. No más in Portuguese is não mais.

C. The Samba Grill in Salt Lake is pretty beat as well. Sad.
C1. "Rodizio" in Salt Lake, however, is awesome (or at least it was a few years ago, I hear it's passed its prime).

D. Awesome review, and awesome blog. I've been reading for a long time. Keep up the great work!


Hi Ted - Try it out in LA, before you come back to SD.....well, maybe not, cause they don't compare.

Hi Jed - Thanks for all the info, and welcome! I appreciate the info/correction, and have made the "no mais" change. I really don't do reviews...I just eat and give my it ever so humble.


Great report as always - a shame it couldn't be a bit better. Still for the lunch price a real steal if you are a gutbusting all-you-can-eat type of guy (I am!) but I'm sure my wife would stop way too soon.


Wow you have really opened up my eyes to a whole new type of eating! What a cool concept, I especially love the idea of the sign and that the meat is cut fresh off the skewers for you. Glad you found a great host there. It can really make a dining experience so much more enjoyable !
As usual, I have so much enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for bringing the culinary world to my rural desktop. *hugs*

Justin Lo

We have a Brazilian buffet in Honolulu - top floor of the McCully Shopping Centre. I've been meaning to try it, but I'm worried about the excessive meat content (meaning I might overeat and kill myself). Hmmm, but the idea of having long skewers of beef and pork sausages sliced at my table sounds sooooo delightful!!! Plus, they have some fish....right? Lol.


Mmmm.... all you can eat MEAT for $13.99 for lunch sounds good to me. ;) I remember trying a restaurant like this out in the Chicago area - DELICIOUS !!! And the most delicious red wine I've EVER had. I'm still on the lookout for it - 50% Merlot, 50% Cabernet from Brazil. About $60-80 a bottle? Anyone know what I'm talking about??? Great post, as always! Can't wait to meet the Missus sometime soon! =)


Hi Scott - Because of how the meat is presented and prepared, you can pace yourself, and have just a small piece of everything. The lunch price is a pretty good deal.

Hi Rachel - You know...I think you'd really enjoy a Churrascaria.

Hi Justin - Tudo De Bom was after my time - though both Alan at Ma'ona:

And Reid at OKG:

Have eaten there, and posted about it. It's kind of a bummer; I used to take guests from Hawaii to Rei Do Gado, but now have to think of something else!

I've had rabbit, lamb, venison, even frog legs at Churrascarias, but no sea creatures(unless you count the frog legs), only land-locked meats. But who knows....

Hi Kristy - I hope someone can find you what your looking for!


Eventhough the rest of the meats sounded and looked awful, I'd go just for that bacon wrapped turkey...what is it about bacon wrapped anything which makes it so good...oh yeah...the bacon!

Great report as always!

Green Turtle

If you do end up going at dinner time, pick up a SD Reader since there's a 2-for-1 dinner coupon with the purchase of 2 drinks. It'll save you $35.


Hi Kirk,
I've been a lurker on your blog for awhile now and I figure I ought to contribute.

Last month, I went to Samba Grill with my family for a birthday party, and everything was terrible (sadly, even the service). Rei De Gado has a lunch special at $14, and if you haven't been lately, you should consider re-visiting. Though not spectacular, they have more than a few gems and are always at least above average (with a great hot-food bar).

PS. I blame you for being certifiably addicted to Ba Ren. Seriously - I have to go at least once a week. No other spicy food seem to be satisfying.


Hi Kirk
I was just at Horton Plaza today and saw that place...not much of a big meat eater. I wouldn't get my $$'s worth there or at Rei do Gado (which my husband really likes).

By the way, that was my blog you commented on (re: Sakadas, strike). What a coincidence that it was you! Wondering how you came across my blog?

Also, have you ever tried any African food? Just curious. I was just a Harar Ethiopian with a friend(on El Cajon Blvd) the other day. Interesting food that was. My friend also recommends Red Sea.


Why do San Diego's Brazilian rodezio style meat houses have to kill the meat. I feel the same way about Rei do Gado.


Wow, that's one heck of a meal. I bet you and your missus put on at least 2 lbs after this meal!! Makes me want to get out and try the only one Brazilian place in downtown Vancouver ... hmm, I just might! Thanks for sharing.


Hi Elmo - Ah yes, bacon....devine bacon. Say no more....

Hi Green Turtle - Thanks for the info! BTW, did you ever try the TJ Hot Dog place?

Hi Alberto - Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I'm glad that you enjoy my humble ol' blog. My apologies for starting your Ba Ren addiction - I think it's something about the chilies and the sichuan peppercorn that get's you hooked. We haven't been back to Rei Do Gado in a while, so we'll need to head back soon - I do enjoy the Salad Bar and Hot Food there, even though I don't find the meat to be very good.

Hi Reynila - Last time I went to Harar was before the current owner - how was the buffet? They do still have a buffet, right? I should take my co-workers there. I've been to Awash and Red Sea as well(though not in a few years), and enjoyed Red Sea. I usually check my referring sires when I have time, so that's how I think I found your blog. It was pretty funny.

Hi Captain Jack - I like that description...kill the meat, twice...

Hi Ben - LOL! Well, we were full, but hadn't eaten that much. It's mostly just a slice here, and a slice there. And it was Atkins friendly......hehehe, yeah, right!


Samba Brazilian Steakhouse in Vancouver is really really good. I guess the name Samba isn't all that original in regards to Brazilian cuisine. lol


Oh, and here's the link to the above mentioned restaurant:


Hi Kirk
Actually the buffet at Harar is only on Fridays from 6 - 10 pm. I'd like to try that next time.


Hi Chloe - Welcome! And thanks for the info, I think Ben will find it helpful. I guess not all Samba's are created equal. ;o)

Hi Reynila - Only on Fridays? Bummer.....I still need to drop by and check it out again.

Passionate Eater

Sorry if this comment is inappropriate, but here goes!

You said that your server was one of the best ever--I'd have to agree, because he's hot! Muy caliente! (Translate that to Portugese though.) Remember what I said about having good ban chan? (I said something like having good ban chan at Korean restaurants makes the meal better.) If your server is attractive, the meal is waaayy better!!

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