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Tuesday, 11 July 2006



Hi Captain Jack - You can try the XLB at Shanghai City and Dumpling Inn. Personally, I enjoy the XLB at Shanghai City more.


alright I need find where they som those damng dumpling in OC... I swear you have a fetish for them. ;-)


Hi nhbilly - Fetish....fetish! We won't go into the visual that the phrase XLB-fetish places in my mind. Let's just call it an XLB obsession perhaps?


hi kirk,

those dumplings look so good! i still haven't tried one of those. :( but san gabriel is close enough to me and also those dumplings are crazy cheap. i'm adding it to my to-do list!


Hi Yoony - You know, I'd really like you to try them. And with your cooking skill, see what you come up with, thinking about soup dumplings....I'm sure they'd be awesome.

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