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Tuesday, 25 July 2006



Hmm...well, apart from the appetizers, it doesn't sound like you loved the place...but still those flourescent, retina-blurring colors are quite dazzling...I'd like to try some here in O.C. Banh Bot Lot, gotta remember that.


That Bun Bo Hue looks disappointing. Are you sure it wasn't Ovaltine??? Sorry brah!


Hi Elmo - Interesting stuff, and pretty good.

Hi Jeni - Ovaltine might have tasted better.... LOL!


Well I guess people were right in saying it was a place with unique appeizers.... no ones ever talked about the mains though huh? Now you know why ;)

Some places in Sydney are packed with chinese and I can't understand why either. One of the more popular dim sum places I have found to be oily and salty. Guess its just herd instinct?


Too bad about the Bun Bo Hue ... I've been on a real Bun Bo Hue kick recently--yes, even in the heat; somehow eating hot soup in an air-conditioned restaurant on a hot day works for me. Had a bowlful at Phuong Trang the other day that really hit the spot. Maybe when the weather cools down some, you'll be inspired to do a Bun Bo Hue survey post like you did for pho--I'd definitely be interested in your opinions. :-)


Hi Rachel - Yes, great observation.....

Hi Mizducky - Hope all is well! Yes, I'll do a Bun Bo Hue retro before the fall, probably....


Very interesting. I've never seen or tried anything like this.


Hi Jack - I hadn't ever tried any of this stuff either. Interesting stuff.....


Wow you have an amazing collection of restaurant bloggings! I've been on a hunt for the perfect bowl of Bun Bo Hue also so far I think Mien Trung. A place on Kearny Mesa has the best based on my opinion. Recently I was lost in El Cajon City and I found a small restaurant called Panda Rice. The Pho there was excellent however, the garnish can be on the sparse side to my liking. When I asked for more the girl was very happy to give me more and explained that most people who go there do not know how to eat Pho properly.

I enjoy reading your blogs they are always entertaining and vivid. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!


Hi Emma - Mien Trung is reputed to have some of the best Bun Bo Hue in San Diego. thanks again for the kind words, and please keep visiting and commenting!


Gosh, I missed all sorts of stuff this weeek! Those little stuffed rice ball things are very addictive.

I haven't tried the Bun Bo Hue here, but I tried the pho, which I thought was good.

My favorite Bun Bo Hue in San Diego (so far) is at Pho Hoa -- very beefy. Sounds like I'm going to have to give Mien Trung a try.


Hi Howie - Hope all is well. So you thought the Pho here was good?


Hi, Kirk,

I thought the pho was not bad, but not amongst my favorite. If I was in the neighborhood, I'd probably go to Convoy Noodle House. I also probably like the broth at Pho T Cali better than Tu Do, but I like Tu Do's meat better.

I usually go here when I'm in the mood for one of those rice thingys. Also, Liz tried the chicken wings here and said they were tasty.


Hi Howie - Hmmm chicken wings....sounds like something right up my alley!

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