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Wednesday, 26 July 2006



I've gotta tell you Kirk, that lunch at Sammy's was awesome. Live uni, oshizushi, and my those gorgeous pacific north west oysters. Thanks for setting it all up, you are the man.

Passionate Eater

I love how you and Elmo Monster are trying to cool down with sushi. That is honestly brilliant.

Also, that is a cool looking seaweed paper they used for the sushi. Almost looks iridescent or like aluminum foil because of the reflection!


I'm melting! Sushi sounds like the perfect thing for this heat...too bad I can't eat the good stuff (being pregnant)...but I will def. have to get some pg-safe sushi this weekend! When I can eat all kinds of sushi again I'm going to have to try Sammy's!


Hope I get to try oshizushi one day! It looks really delicious! I absolutely lov ethe flavour of saba ... too ba dI can't get it here in Oz. Do you know what the english name of it is kirk? Is it a mackeral?


Hi Captain Jack - I must say; it was the company that made the meal! Nice breaking bread and chatting with you!

Hi PE - Great minds think alike??? LOL! It's just been really hot......

Hi Kady - I do hope that you get something good to beat the heat.

Hi Rachel - Sorry, missed that one - saba is mackeral. Can't get Saba in Oz? I didn't know that.


Sushi is definitely the meal for these crazy summer days. Isn't this weather bizarre? I tried to take some people out last weekend to Sammy's but the place was packed! We also had five people. They wanted a "hole" so we went to Katzra...haven't been here in years! They really liked it so it was a successful dinner.


Hi Jack - Sam used to manage Katzra sushi bar.


Is that tororo konbu on the outside of the oshizushi?


Oops, just read the part regarding the "tororo konbu" - how does it get that striping anyway?


Hi Ed - You know, I really don't know. I'll ask the next time I'm there, ok?


Looks delicious, Kirk.

I'm going to try this next time.


Hi Didi - Give it a try, Oshizushi is good stuff.

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