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Wednesday, 12 July 2006



Yeah, Typepad kinda fell into a black hole yesterday, didn't it? Wondering what the hell that was all about ...

Meanwhile: that Curry House looks like it's going to be in the same shopping center as Nijiya Market, right? I wonder which storefront it's going into. Having not experienced a Curry House myself, I'm not sure I'm totally ready for the Japanese take on spaghetti, but I'm certainly interested in the curry portion of their menu.


Hi Mizducky - I believe it'll be in the space formerly occupied by the old Asian Food Wholesaler, next to Shanghai City......that parking lot is going to get more and more crowded!


Thanks for the shout out, Kirk!

And 330 posts is a *lot*! I cheat and get robots to do all my work for me.

Jim (BM)

Hey Kirk! Thanks for the post. The live shot is today (sweat, sweat). I'll get through it. A hobby should not be this stressful!


Hi Howie - Could you imagine "robots" doing all my blogging for me? We'd be done with San Diego in a month!

Hi Jim - I made sure to watch, and think you did a great job. Plan to market "maternity pants for men" anytime soon? ;o)

Jim (BM)

“Maternity pants for men” I only need them on Sunday…but, I started working on the design last week. However, with over 330 posts, how do you keep your girlish figure! Between you and Howie…I need to get busy to catch up!!!


Hi Jim - Make sure you get the patent on those pants. I'm sure inventor's are hard at work as we speak.

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