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Wednesday, 19 July 2006



What if I don't have a clue? Does that count for a half cup of coffee???

I know, the Asian market in San Diego County! Did I win????


Hi Jim - Aaah man, that's weak! I think you should buy me a cup for the guess! LOL!


The only real clue is the Fish/Meat counter...that Produce Department could be any of the Vien Dongs or World Market or one of those three on Mira Mesa Blvd closer to I-15......and I don't remember ever seeing that Fish me, I would remember....
(Its OK, I am a stockholder in Peets)

Renee Robbins

It looks like the Vien Dong on Linda Vista Road. Am I right? I love Peets.


is it the market in the same strip mall as minh kee restaurant?


its on the north side of el cajon. perhaps where toisan said.


Hi Cathy - If you can't figure this one might be too hard - I think I'll add some more clues.

Hi Renee - Nope not Vien Dong.

Hi Toison - Nope....

Hi Dave - Double nope......I'll post some clues.


I thought it was Vien Dong too. :(


Is it Zion Korean Market in Clairmont Mesa Area?


Is it the Vietnamese market on Camino Ruiz - the one in the same mall as Target?


Need more clues...or I think I just haven't been there yet. I am so disappointed in myself...


Hi Howie - Think a bit smaller than Vien Dong.

Hi Peter - Nope

Hi Candice - Nope you're waaay off course, but you've got the right type of market in mind.

Hi Cathy - New set of clues coming up.


I believe it is the Seafood supermarket on the north side of MiraMesa. I cant remember the name of it but i know it has seafood in the title.


Heh. Having done a mental Venn Diagram (remember those from grade school?) of all your hints, Kirk, I have come to the conclusion that the set of all Southeast Asian markets in San Diego that I have been to, that (a) are not Vien Dongs, and (b) are not on Mira Mesa or El Cajon Blvds., and that (c) you haven't posted about, is the empty set. :-)

But thanks anyway--I may not be getting a free coffee out of this, but I sure did get a big laugh!


I think it is Hoa Hing on University. I've only been in there once so I'm not too sure.


Clever idea with the contest.


My guess is Vien Dong on Linda Vista Roard.


Doh should've read the comments first...


69 Market?


Hi MV - Haven't heard from you in a while....but nope!

Hi Mizducky - Ha, cracked me up! You're too funny.....

Hi Roland - You didn't realize how close you walking distance!

Hey Jack - Call it laziness at it's best!

Hi Karen - At least you got on of the numbers right!

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