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Sunday, 02 July 2006


Passionate Eater

You have officially become the food blogging world's best rater of plate lunches! You know how some movie reviewers establish themselves in Hollywood, like Egbert and Roeper, or Joel Siegel? You've reached that status in my eyes Kirk. You should have a rating system like "I give this place 4 1/2 Mmm-Yosos!!" OR "This restaurant would merit two of the Boyz wagging tails."


LOL I like passionate eater's comment! But you do make the plate lunch, something so humble, sound so appealing!


Hey Kirk, very long time....
This review is right on, much better than most , but not the best. They have a nice community/following so that's a big plus for me. If I recall, the specials are pretty decent.


Hey Kirk! MS and I (with his family) went down to Pacific Beach last night and ate at Tokyo House for dinner. As we walked up and down the strip, I spied a sign with the words, "Grand Opening" for a Hawaiian Grinds place called Shaka's. Have you been there and is it any good for some good kalua pork? Or is it just one of the many pooping up everywhere? ;) Sorry haven't given a call yet, been busy with MS' family this weekend. Not sure how long they'll be in town. If we don't have dinner with his family tonight, we may be free to have some good plate dinners. LOL! I'll give you a ring later this afternoon if that's OK. =)



i've been to this place... i thought it was okay too... not mindblowing, but pretty good... but it ain't no Bruddahs that's for sure..

Kirk, when's the last time you went to Bruddahs?


Since you love Hawaiian food I thought I'd let you know that they have some at the Oceanside fair today and tomorrow (I'm posting on it today) and at Kaisen in Oceanside (I'm posting on it this week).


Hi PE - If you think I rate plate've got to meet my "bruddahs" back home. Talk about plate lunch pickiness....plate lunch discussion that almost leads to fisticuffs!

Hi Rachel - The platelunch and I are inseparable.....

Hey Jack - Nothing quite beats the right atmosphere, and the right know what I mean?

Hi Kristy - It was fun breaking bread.....or katsu with You and MS - such a nice couple!!!!!

Hi DCCF - Last time to Bruddahs 2001! Was kinda salty, but still good stuff.

Hi Kady - I don't think that I just "love Hawaiian food", just that I've eaten it for so very long back home(like 30+ years....) so maybe I was born to it? BTW, a plate lunch is not technically "Hawaiian food". I last visted Kaisen before the new owners took over:

I was told that they stopped serving local kine grindz:
"Update: As of Christmastime(2005), new owners have taken over Kaisen, and it's no longer what it used to be. The new owners are Japanese, and they have done away with Kaisen's Hawaiian dishes in favor of the usual Bento boxes, Volcano rolls, etc. The new food is good - but the island-style menu and atmosphere are gone, as is the Ono-Licious bakery next door. Sad :("

So I'm interested to see your post!


hey there, local SD resident and big fan of your site. just wanted to say that the kalua pig is excellent at kealani's (we were there just a day after you). try that next and tell us what you think.

happy fourth!


Hi j0n - That was one of the items I had on an earlier visit, I really haven't had decent Kalua Pork on the mainland, and didn't like it at Kealani's either. But am glad that you enjoyed it.


I'm from chicago area and we have very few choices in hawaiian resturants...But I found Kealani's very good, great portions and quite tasteful and excellent price.


Hi Tita - Yes, Kealani's is pretty good, better than most other places.

Clifford Ishii

This was once my wife's family's costume shop run by Dolores Pickop


Hi Clifford - That's a very interesting tidbit. Thanks for stopping by.


I love this restaurant. Encinitas is a beautiful seaside city and the weather is perfect for eating outdoors in Kealani's patio. They were recently remodeled and the ambiance is exquisite. My personal favorite is the teriyaki chicken. I find it very tender and best dipped in soy sauce. Check it out soon, it really is doing a lot better that it was a few years ago. Also stop by beautiful Moonlight Beach a few minutes away.


Hi Jessica - Thanks for stopping by. It's been a while since I've been to Kealani's, so I'll make to drop by when I have a chance.

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