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Thursday, 06 July 2006



huffmans is off the hook with its hush puppies, greens ,hot link sandwich,and down home staff. I have lived in the neighborhood for over 40 years

rm blackwell

If you like Fried Oysters,this is the only place in SD to get them...MMMMM, they're the best in SD! And dont forget the Chitterlin,Smothered Chicken,Pork Chop Sandwich(and smothered PC dinner), Collard Greens,Pigs Feet Rib Tips, hell,everything I've had there has been DELICIOUS!

waymond wade

dont forget the sweet potato pie

I just love huffmann's bar-b-que

esteban arellano

next time order the pork spare ribs but the small end. I orgasm with each bite of those heavenly ribs. the hot links are amazing too as well as the smothered fired chicken. the bbq baked beans are 2nd my favorite side but the yams are the best cant belive you didnt like them, every thanksgiving I drive to SD just to order an x-large order of those yams and I live in LA now

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