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Thursday, 06 July 2006



This seems like a normal sized meal for a party of six! Surely, you had leftovers?


thanks for exposing huffman's! for me, going to huffman's is a trip down memory lane, literally. i grew up on imperial, a block from huffman's. i may be alone on this one, but i like huffman's more than the place on goldfinch street. which, ironically, is a couple of blocks from where i currently reside. my appologies for being so random, but has anyone tried tazablanca?


wow! this is definitely on my to go list when i go down to SD...

how was the gumbo?

if you ever go to Memphis in O.C. you should check out their gumbo, its amazing..


Ooh, I haven't had hush puppies in 10 years. I have to try this place out!


gumbo!!! Chicken gizzrds!!! ribs !!! What more could a girl want! I can't wait to hear the rest. This is my kind of joint :P~


Oh man, that looks so damn good. How do you find these places? The fried okra is calling out my name!


i'm hungry :-)


Mmm...I love hushpuppies.

BTW, Bob's Okazuya Post on the way!

Jack Kress

I love Huffman's. Next time try the smothered chicken.


hehehe, I'll split that hot link sandwich with you! Cause you know, I'll probably have stuffed myself silly with hush puppies and gizzards :)


Hi Scott - We had some leftovers.....not much.

Hi toisan - I'd been told that the BBQ ribs at Huffman's wasn't as good as it used to be, and I really didn't enjoy it quite as much as those gizzards. Still, Huffman's is quite a landmark, and everyone should eat there at least once.

Hi DCCF - The Missus enjoyed the gumbo more than I. I think Bud's(sorry haven't done a post yet) is better in that department. But who is going to argue with the Missus???

Hi Howie - Give Huffman's a try, you might enjoy those Hush Puppies.

Hi Rachel - Aaah, another gumbo-gizzard-rib girl, eh??? I didn't think there could be 2 of you in the world.

Hi Elmo - I thought everybody knew about Huffman's, but I guess I'm wrong since no one at work ever heard about them.....

Hi nhbilly - Soul food cravings are really painful.

Hi Keri - Can't wait for the Bob's post!

Hi Jack - Thanks for the recommendation, I'll try it the next time we're there!

Hi Kathy - We may have a major fight over those gizzards!!! LOL!


Have you had a heart attack yet? :) My goodness that's a lot of fried food!!!!


Hi Kady - We're fine. Keep in mind that we don't do this very often....but when we get our shots in, we make the best of it!


Looks good Kirk. I haven't been to Huffman's in quite awhile. That fried okra looks like it could be tasty.


Hi Jack - And don't forget them gizzards.....


went to huffman's last weekend. the gizzards and collard greens were really really good... the shortribs in gravy were also really tender and tasty. but the batter for everything was a touch too salty.

not ragging on the area or the ppl, but also got singled out and heckled for money and all that. worth going to.. but not at night!


Hi CSB - Yes, the area can be kind of on the "rough" side.


Oy, Kirk. Glad to see you've found this place. I've always like the gizzards too. And the collard was pretty good. Found the place through a friend who lived around the corner from there. Best hush puppies in town, he said. He wasn't wrong, but the chicken was good.

Time for me to go visit again.


Hi Didi - Those gizzards are very good!

dunea cowans

besides the great foods your staff are wondefful and i must say i'm pleased with your restuarant sevice and servers.Keep up the great work and stay in business for the next 20 or so years.jalilis mom

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