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Thursday, 27 July 2006





Jasmin, Pearl, China Max or some other Chinese place on Convoy.

Damm, I'm getting good at this!!!


thanks for the great clue.


Hi noromdiam & Jim - Sounds like wild guessing to me. Especially you Jim.....this isn't baseball where batting .300 is good.

Hi DCCF - You mean you can't figure it out, with mt most excellent clue? LOL! More clues are forthcoming.

Green Turtle

Silver Ark in Mira Mesa? I had to do some CSI image processing to enhance that image of the check by the fried taro balls.


I think it's either Emerald or Pearl.


The place on University, East of 805, maybe 15...north side...door opens in corner of mall (at a diagonal)...Burger King right across the street...

...they have green Dim Sum checks anyhow...

....and probably a name to the restaurant....been there once and the large noodle thing looked just like that...


Drats - no fair! I haven't lived in the SD area since 1996! ;)


I didn't realize that a new place opened in Mira Mesa. I imagine that it could get pretty crowded on the weekends.


Green Turtle really had it going on! After his comment I could just barely make out "Silver Ar" on the check.


Hi GT - Nice work, the "check is in the mail".

Hi Minote - Sorry, but thanks for participating!

Hi Cathy - Do you mean Lucky Star?

Hi Ed - Sorry, next time I'll do a place that has been around forever!

Hi Jack - I imagine you're right, the area could use a Dim Sum restaurant.

Hi Scott - Talk about being serious about getting a cup of Peet's!


pretty impressive Green Turtle..

If Homeland Security had hired Green Turtle years back, we might have Bin Laden by now....


After seeing that insanely delicious picture of the seafood pan fried noodles, we had to go try it for dinner. I agree with your assessment 100%! We'll have to go back and try some of the other dishes. It's nice that Tea Station is right there too, as I think my wife can live on boba milk tea alone.


Hi DCCF - Just be glad "GT" is on "our" side - hehehe

Hi liverbomb - We actually went back for Dim Sum recently, and that post will be forthcoming!


Hmm, that pan fried noodle dish looks good enough. But the scallops - I have a couple of semi-professional fishing friends who say that many places substitute rounds cut out of skate wings as a scallop substitute. And that most people can't tell the difference.


Hi Ed - Haven't come across thatr yet - these were scallops. How do your friends really know, skate and scallop both cook and taste different, skate will start to flake around the's not like the jicama - water chestnut substitition...and you can still tell - jicama is sweeter.


Hi Kirk - I guess the people they served samples of real scallop and "skate scallop" to didn't really have experience with telling the difference. I'm just wondering how Chinese restaurants in general can afford to offer scallops at a reasonable price, while other places appear to gouge you (I think). As a tangent, I remember this Chinese seafood restaurant in Emeryville (outside of Oakland near the Bay Bridge) that served perfectly boiled noodles stir-fried with generous slivers of dried scallops. That was heavenly!


Hi Ed - I guess the real intersting thing is....when a scallop approaches being overcooked, it will sometimes start splitting from the middle, usually into halves or quarters...I'd like to see if I get "skatted"....

ed (from Yuma)

I haven't been served faux scallops as scallops, but sometimes the discs in "seafood combo" lunch specials are clearly not scallop.

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